5 Reasons to Use Probiotics for Chickens

We’ve compiled the top 5 benefits of probiotics—which double as the top 5 reasons you’ll want to incorporate them into your flocks’ nutrition program.

In recent years, the commercial poultry industry has changed tremendously. This has forced growers to step outside of their comfort zones and find new ways to enhance flock health and performance. One widely accepted option is the use of poultry probiotics. We’ve compiled the top 5 benefits of probiotics—which double as the top 5 reasons you’ll want to incorporate them into your flocks’ nutrition program.

1. Improves Weight Gain

Probiotics improve intestinal tract health by increasing good gut bacteria and suppressing bad bacteria. It also helps nutrients from the chicken feed to be absorbed by the bird more efficiently, allowing better overall nutrition and infection prevention.

2. Improves Egg Quality

A number of scientific studies have demonstrated a noticeable gain in egg quantity and quality, including shell strength, from the use of humic acid-based supplements.

3. Helps Fight Disease

The use of probiotics improves the immune system function by helping red blood cells carry more oxygen, improving the absorption of minerals and facilitating the removal of toxic metals. In addition to these benefits, probiotics have also been shown to improve the accuracy of cell division.

4. Decreases Mortality Rates

With all the health benefits of administering probiotics, your birds are simply less at risk for disease, increasing their productive lifespan and your operation’s bottom line.

5. Aids in Odor Control

A scientific study found that feeding your birds humic and fulvic acids can decrease ammonia in their waste by 64% with similar results on hydrogen sulfide. Adding probiotics to your flocks' drinker lines decreases waste odor and the presence of harmful toxins.

There are several probiotics for chickens on the market that each provide some form of beneficial bacteria to encourage a healthy digestive tract and improve nutrient absorption. However, Big ole Bird (BoB) takes this technology to the next level. Teeming with a rich blend of humic and fulvic acids, Big ole Bird Poultry Probiotic offers an organic approach to improving digestive health and encouraging gut microflora.

Now, with Big ole Bird, you can easily and inexpensively maintain a healthy flock, as well as improve feed conversion and increase bird weights.  

Ready-to-Use Liquid Probiotics for Chickens

In addition to commercial uses, Big ole Bird can also be used as a source of probiotics in raising backyard chickens. It has been shown to be equally as safe and effective for ducks, turkeys, geese, pheasants, quail, or peafowl as it is for chickens. Similar to in commercial situations, good bacteria in Big ole Bird improves digestive health through increased nutrient absorption. This improved nutrition increases egg production and improves egg shell quality for cleaner, better eggs.  

Big ole Bird can also control and prevent the growth of disgusting algae in your birds’ drinking water, keeping it clean and sanitary. For added benefits, apple cider vinegar can be alternated with the poultry probiotic. Try using Southland Organics’ Mother Load.

Needless to say, whether you grow commercially or in your backyard, Southland Organics’ Big ole Bird offers the beneficial bacteria needed to raise healthy chickens with improved digestive system function and production performance. 

Bonus Benefit: Controls Algae!

In the presence of Big ole Bird, algae is simply not able to grow making your chickens’ water cleaner and safer. Algae accumulation and time cleaning out your water troughs will become a thing of the past. 

poultry supplement

Big ole Bird Probiotics for Chickens is teeming with polyelectrolytes and rich organic acids to help your flock thrive with improved gut health, increased production performance, and enhanced nutrient absorption. 

Click here to see more information, instructions for use, and application rates for Southland Organics’ Big ole Bird Poultry Probiotic! 

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