Big ole Bird vs. Necrotic Enteritis

December 13, 2016 0 Comments

enteritis in birds

Southland Organics is proud to release the results of a case study involving the product, Big ole Bird, or BoB, which also means Biology Optimized for Birds. Big ole Bird is a highly concentrated formula that provides poultry with the protection they need through probiotics. The formula aims to improve gut microflora in chicks through the introduction of rich organic acids and activated carbon.

The goal of the case study was to investigate Big ole Bird’s effectiveness in reducing or eliminating the effects of Enteritis caused by Clostridium in chickens.

The chicks were separated into three groups; the Control Group, the Infected Control Group, and the Study Group. The Infected Control Group was negatively affected based on feed intake, feed conversion, and weight gain. However, the chickens in the Study Group that were given Big ole Bird probiotic water treatment saw favorable end results.

These chickens challenged with Clostridium and supplied with Big ole Bird probiotic water treatment showed a:

  • 0.8% decline in feed intake
  • 7.1% improvement in feed conversion
  • 6.7% improvement in weight gain over the Infected Control Group

The mortality was improved by 6.2% over the Infected Control Group.

The conclusion of the study proves that Big ole Bird leads to lower mortality, better feed conversion and greater weight gain in chickens challenged with Enteritis.

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