Let's Talk Ladder Safety

Former Agricultural Safety Professional and Alabama Grower, Jason Jackson, walks us through a topic that is often overlooked, yet has become one of the biggest farm safety risks in U.S. history according to the World Health Organization: ladders. 

According to the World Health Organization, the United States leads the world in ladder deaths. Each year, there are more than 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries and 300 deaths that are caused by ladder falls. Many of these injuries and fatalities occur on farms. This is due to improper use of ladders and the fact that oftentimes, falls occur to an individual who may be alone for an extended period of time.

Jason walks us through some simple reminders and tips on how to ensure neither you, nor your workers become one of the many fatalities of ladder falls each year. This video explains the parts of the ladder and their uses, proper set up, statistics on farmer injury causation and proper ladder storage and care. 

This is a great video to use when onboarding new workers, or for an overall safety review. We hope you can implement this into your farm practices. 

The Author
Allen Reynolds
Poultry Development Rep
Allen has worked in the poultry industry for 15 years, gaining experience in raising birds, house operations, equipment and bird health. As our Poultry Development Rep, he is passionate about improving the lives of farmers through natural poultry solutions and education. In addition to outstanding customer service and superior poultry support, he is also involved in helping growers through our Poultry Biosecurity Youtube Channel. Allen works to stay up to date on the latest industry news to bring relevant topics to our subscribers. He is often seen as the host, sharing profitable tips and tricks to poultry farmers. Outside of the office, Allen enjoys working on the farm, scuba diving, and riding dirt bikes.