5 Tips For Growing The Best Tomatoes

July 12, 2018 0 Comments

5 Tips For Growing The Best Tomatoes

Have you had a truly juicy tomato straight from the garden and full of flavor. Follow these expert tips on how to grow tasty tomatoes and soon you will be able to taste the difference.


Tomatoes are big eaters, so they take a lot of the nutrients from the soil. Give them space and give them sun. They tend to share diseases if they are to close so make sure they are 3-4 feet apart.


Make sure to plant tomato seeds deep, so the plants are comfortable during transplanting.


Some of us are not as lucky to have good soil to plant in. We believe that nourishing the soil properly is the key to a healthier food supply. Try using a soil conditioner to restore your soil to healthy and fertile conditions.


As the plants grow, stake them or cage them to support growth off the ground. Plants that sit on the ground are subject to more pest problems as they continue to grow.


Tomatoes are hungry, so give them slow release fertilizer. Try using a fish fertilizer that treats heavy feeders at the beginning. Make sure to water twice a week. Tomato plants work best when watered underneath the plant than water from above that gets the leaves wet. Continue to add fertilizer every other week or so, depending on growth.

Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes :)