Port for Vault Toilets

As parks reopen and people emerge from sheltering in place, more people are exploring the great outdoors than ever!

That means more park traffic. While preparing your property for the influx of visitors, don’t forget about your waste facilities. With more people pouring into parks, the toilets get used more frequently, and the odor can become unbearable if left unattended. Don’t let the odor from these toilets deter visitors from returning.

PORT from Southland Organics is the trusted waste management liquid used coast to coast by units of the National Park Service, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation and the Army Corp of Engineers.

This powerful liquid formula uses organic matter and microbes to feed on waste and control odor, instead of simply covering it up. It is formulated to be used in portable toilets, vault toilets and pit type toilet applications.

Benefits of PORT:

Learn more here >>> Portable Outdoor Restroom Treatment

If you'd like to learn more about how PORT can help your park's waste management program, give us a call anytime at 800-608-3755.

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