E. coli in Commercial Poultry

February 20, 2014 0 Comments

poultry house

Within recent weeks, our phones have been ringing with poultry growers concerned with a much larger presence of E. coli than usual. It is common for us to talk to growers who are experiencing higher mortality rates, flock after flock. The common thought among these farmers is “we don’t know what else to do.” There are many strategies for treatment and prevention, and the vast majority entail some form of chemical application.

At Southland Organics we believe in natural solutions to natural problems. Litter Life is that natural solution. It is completely safe, powerful and proven. The indigenous bacteria and selectively adaptive microbiology in Litter Life has proven extremely effective in dealing with E. coli. Simply spraying the house floor is all it takes and let nature do the work. You will have a drier floor, a reduction in ammonia, and better litter quality.

In severe cases we recommend the ever effective "Annihilate & Repopulate" strategy. This strategy is a combination of disinfecting and populating with beneficial biology for competitive exclusion. Disinfecting is a very temporary solution and often causes a worse situation. By disinfecting you have created a virtual biological vacuum that will soon be filled, most often, with the very same or worse bacteria. More often than not the bad guys are first back on the scene. Disinfecting followed by introduction of the helpful bacteria found in Litter Life has proven to be extremely effective. This strategy, disinfecting then applying Litter Life 3 - 5 days later has shown great results versus houses deemed to have severe E. coli issues.

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. It is also less expensive. Lower mortality and healthier birds mean one thing: Higher Profit. Let us know how we can serve you.

Our solutions are not only extremely cost effective, they are NATURALLY effective. Visit Southland Organics for more information on Litter Life and other organic poultry products.

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