Factory Farm: Debunking the Term

“Factory Farm”-- what it means, why it’s used, and why it shouldn’t be!
factory farming

Over the last several decades, the landscape of the agriculture industry has changed tremendously. Gone are the days of subsistence farming and small, family-owned farms. Today, our food comes from a much more commercial setting where large farms dominate the landscape. With this change, as with any, comes misunderstanding and of course, scrutiny. 

In recent years, the term “factoring farming” has made its way to the forefront of discussion concerning farming best practices and animal welfare. More often than not, this term is used with a negative connotation to indicate an attitude of misuse, inhumanity and unfeeling when in reality, we growers can agree, that could not be further from the truth. 





So the next time you hear the phrase “factory farm,” I challenge you to NOT envision a cold, unfeeling place. But rather, think of your friends, family, neighbors and church members that live and work on those farms. The way we farm has changed but the end goal has stayed the same as always- healthy animals, happy farmers.

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