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That little jingle was coined a few years ago by my great buddy Matt Chastain. Matt has a knack for breaking down the complex...





That little jingle was coined a few years ago by my great buddy Matt Chastain.  Matt has a knack for breaking down the complex into simple and relatable communication.  When we started Southland Organics, we were mesmerized by the technology and science that fuel our products.  Soon enough we found ourselves speaking a language that we barely understood and there were very, very few people that could understand our products.  One day I was explaining to Matt some complex biological problem that we solved for a farmer somewhere and Matt stopped me cold - "Did the farmer understand all of that?" he asked . . . I said, "No, but he did understand the results and that was all he cared about!"

At that point, we decided to stripped down all of the geek speak and broke the science down into something clean and concise, something our customers could make sense of.  Alas, enough of the techno mumbo jumbo!  At the very essence of our products, the very essence of our company we are about the soil.  Sure we can get into the weeds about the microbiology, organic acids, cation exchange capacity and all that comes with it but at the end of the day, we get our hands dirty and care for the very thing that cares for us. . . The soil.

Our challenge to you this spring as your gardens begin to grow and your grass begins to green is to remember the backbone of Mother Nature and care for your dirt.

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Mike Usry
Serving as the CEO and Founder of Southland Organics, Mike plays a major role in leading the team in business strategy and the science behind our products. Through his commitment to this role, he has helped Southland grow a devoted customer base through innovative products and education. Mike helps people understand how we solve natural problems with natural solutions.