What is a Soil Amendment?

Southland Organics' Evan Gill explains the difference between fertilizer and soil amendments.

Southland Organics' Evan Gill explains the difference between Fertilizer and Soil Amendments.

Soil Amendments


Products such as Jump Start Soil Conditioner and Turf Genesis Lawn Soil Conditioner rebuild soils rapidly and are not considered fertilizers.

The Author
Brad Broxton
Turf and Waste Sales
Brad is the Turf and Waste Development Rep at Southland Organics. He loves helping landscape professionals overcome biological challenges in their industry. He has also championed the success of numerous national parks through eliminating biofilm and odor. Brad’s commitment to customer-centric service is the driving force behind long-term customer relationships. He has spent the last 5 years in the turfgrass and wilderness waste industry, gaining experiences in areas such as lawn care programs, erosion control, and bioremediation. While solving biological problems is his primary job function by day, Brad also enjoys fishing and baseball.