Backyard Poultry Bundle
Backyard Poultry Bundle | Chicken Supplements from $ 52.00 $ 67.00
Backyard Poultry Bundle Save 27%! For complete backyard coop care, the Backyard Poultry Bundle features three all-natural chicken supplements: Hen Helper, Mother Load and Catalyst. Designed to boost your roost, our bundle of poultry probiotics, apple cider vinegar and vitamins provides your feathered friends with the nutrients and gut care they need to be happy and healthy. Included: 1. Hen Helper Poultry Probiotic (one quart) 2. Liquid Catalyst Poultry Vitamins (eight ounces) 3. Mother Load ACV with Garlic (one gallon) 4. Convenient Southland Organics measuring cup Backyard Poultry Bundle+ Save 31%! Our Backyard Poultry Bundle+ includes all the nutritional supplements offered in our classic bundle plus our all-natural chicken mite insecticide, Desecticide. Perfect for backyard chicken keepers who want to cover their flock's nutritional bases and be prepared in the case of a mite infestation. Included: 1. Hen Helper Poultry Probiotic (one quart) 2. Liquid Catalyst Poultry Vitamins (eight ounces) 3. Mother Load ACV with Garlic (one gallon) 4. Desecticide Natural Chicken Mite Insecticide (one quart) 5. Convenient Southland Organics measuring cup Benefits of the Backyard Poultry Bundle: Cost-effective solution for coop care (27-31% savings!) Natural supplements with no harsh chemicals Ideal for chicks and adult chickens Boosts immune system to prevent health issues Increases natural production of oils to make feathers shine Produces stronger eggshells and cleaner eggs Reduces recovery time after molting season Absorbs extra calcium Option to add a natural chicken mite treatment Check out our Backyard Poultry Dosing Chart for detailed instructions.  Learn about the parts of an egg and chicken egg production.
Big Ole Bird Review
Big Ole Bird | Probiotics for Poultry from $ 43.00
Big Ole Bird is a powerhouse of poultry probiotics, organic acids and biologically active carbon that strengthens your birds’ natural defense system from within. Scientifically proven to improve overall poultry health, these flock-changing ingredients work together to increase performance. Studies have shown that Big Ole Bird: Improves weight gain Improves feed conversion Decreases mortality Improves resistance to pathogens and disease Improves gut health Aids in nutrient absorption Boosts the immune system Learn more about Big Ole Bird's ingredients.     
Catalyst Poultry Vitamin | Liquid Formula - Southland Organics
Catalyst | Poultry Vitamin Liquid Formula $ 23.00
Our Catalyst Poultry Vitamin Liquid Formula is a liquid version of our classic Catalyst Poultry Vitamin. This 8 oz. variation of Catalyst is specially designed for folks with small-scale poultry operations or backyard chicken coops. It has the same vitamins and benefits as our classic powder Catalyst. This liquid formula is easier to apply and more efficient for smaller-scale flocks. Benefits of Catalyst: Highly absorbable Boosts immunity Helps promote leg and bone development Improves heart health, skin health and blood health High concentration of vitamins per serving Easily pours into coop waterers Learn how to use Catalyst. Catalyst is also available in our Backyard Poultry Bundle.  Are you a commercial poultry grower? Our dry product is made for commercial or large-scale poultry growers. It’s the classic version of Catalyst and comes in an 800g sealed bag.
Catalyst Poultry Vitamins
Catalyst | Poultry Vitamin Powder Supplement $ 38.00
Catalyst is a highly absorbable powder packed with specially formulated, poultry-specific essential vitamins and minerals. To maximize performance, we recommend using Catalyst, our poultry vitamin supplement, with Big Ole Bird, our poultry probiotics. Designed to help promote overall health in poultry, Catalyst improves vitamin levels which have shown to improve leg and bone development, feather quality, heart health, skin health and blood health. With Catalyst, a little goes a long way! This 800g bag is great for folks who have commercial or other large-scale poultry operations. For backyard flocks, check out our Liquid Formula for greater small-scale efficiency. Benefits of Catalyst: Highly absorbable powder High concentration of vitamins per serving Does not clog drinker lines Easily dissolves in solution Boosts immunity Improves heart, skin and blood health
Desecticide Poultry House Insecticide 2.5 Gallon
Desecticide | Natural Insecticide for Poultry from $ 20.00
Desecticide is a non-toxic poultry spray that is proven effective for killing resistant darkling beetles, lesser mealworms, bed bugs, mites, fleas and ticks on chickens, ducks and turkeys. Safely kills soft-bodied insects Can be used in poultry facilities, coops and directly on chickens Pests will not build resistance No application license required Organic use approved With its non-toxic formula, Desecticide is safe to use in poultry facilities when birds are present, and it can even be used directly on birds. There is no re-entry wait time or re-application limit, and it is safe for the environment. While beetles have become resistant to the current pesticides and require constant pesticide rotation, breakthrough technology has a completely different mode of action. Desecticide targets neurological receptors that are only active in insects and arthropods—not in birds or mammals. With Desecticide, bugs don’t build resistance, and it can be used at any point during grow-out. Desecticide has been approved by an organic certifying agency! Contact us for more information:
Probiotic for Hens Bettix Quart
Hen Helper | Probiotics and Electrolytes for Chickens from $ 22.00
Hen Helper boosts overall health and nutrition in layer hens through a specially formulated combination of probiotics, organic acids and electrolytes. The special ingredients, humic and fulvic acids, have been scientifically proven to improve shell quality and egg production by keeping hens in peak longer. Benefits of Hen Helper: Produces cleaner eggs and firmer shells Aids calcium uptake Improves gut and overall health Reduces reproductive challenges Increases peak performance Increases mineral absorption Improves hatchability Decreases mortality Protects against heat stress during hot weather Learn how to use Hen Helper. Hen Helper is also available in our Backyard Poultry Bundle.     
Poultry Litter Conditioner
Litter Life | Poultry Litter Amendment from $ 31.00
Litter Life is a poultry litter amendment designed to improve litter quality and strengthen poultry health. This mixture of biologically active carbon, organic acids and beneficial microbes helps dry and condition litter, defend against harmful bacteria and control ammonia. Birds grow in a healthier environment with less threat of disease, lower mortality and better performance. Benefits of Litter Life: Defends against harmful bacteria Dries and conditions litter beds Non-corrosive Controls ammonia Can be applied with birds present Learn how to use our products for healthy backyard birds.     
Mother Load ACV for Poultry 2.5 gal
Mother Load | Apple Cider Vinegar for Chickens from $ 21.00
Mother Load is raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar for chickens infused with garlic. Designed to boost your birds' overall health, Mother Load aids in digestion, keeps the GI tract healthy, tightens the gut and provides bacteria that support poultry development. Through the benefits of garlic and apple cider vinegar, Mother Load: Keeps the body in balance Boosts flock's immune system Promotes healthy mucus flow Tightens the gut May assist with cocci Learn how to use our products for healthy backyard birds. Mother Load is also available in our Backyard Poultry Bundle.
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