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We believe that nourishing the soil through proper environmental stewardship is the key to a healthier food supply.

Dog Spot Solution | Dog Urine Grass Repair

Quickly and safely eliminate Brown dead spots on your lawn caused by dog urine and bring your lawn back to life with Dog Spot!

dog urine spots on grass

Dogs are creatures of habit and tend to pick the same spots on your lawn to “go”, killing the grass with the excess nitrogen. Dog Spot Solution encapsulates the nitrogen, keeping it from burning your grass, while adding humic acid and carbon to quickly eliminate any odors and revitalize the soil, rapidly returning your grass to a brilliant, vibrant, healthy shade of green.

  • Rapidly brings dead lawn spots back to life
  • Safe and easy to apply
  • Natural and Organic
  • The most effective at dog urine grass repair

Dog Spot Solution contains high levels of rich humic acids. A Humate is organic material broken down as far as nature will allow. Humates absorb the nitrogen in the dog urine that is burning your lawn. This stops the lawn burn and begins the dog urine grass repair.

The beneficial biology then works with plant roots to help make the nitrogen available to the grass/plants for growth. Using a fully organic program for your yard and garden that includes Dog Spot helps protect the environment, pets, wildlife and children.


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