Big ole Bird Performance Study

Flock-Changing Results!

We put Big ole Bird, our poultry supplement and probiotic, to the test with two, third-party performance studies done by poultry science programs we knew farmers could trust—the Southern Poultry Research Group and the University of Georgia Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center.

The results translate into real cost savings and profit boosts for you.

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Increased Germination

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We want to help your farm be as strong, secure and successful as possible by leveraging the science behind your birds. That’s why we created Poultry Biosecurity, the educational arm of Southland Organics. We want to know and share the truth about the microscopic world that affects your birds and business. That’s what we share here. Studies, helpful videos and blogs, all with the purpose of assisting growers just like you across the nation.

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