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When you begin a new hydroseeding job, we want you to be confident. Adding science to your slurry will do just that. Click the button below to learn more about the astronomical difference you will see in your hydroseeding jobs with Genesis Germination and Soil Conditioner.

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Increased Germination

Resources for Soil Health

Looking for how to optimize your soil and boost your outdoor environment?

Are you frustrated and unresolved with tough situations in your outdoor environment? At Southland Organics, our passion is not to create a quick solution but a sustainable lifestyle in agriculture through organic products and practices. We believe in treating natural problems with natural solutions and that education is the foundation for change. Our videos will teach you how to use microbiology, nutrients and organic acids and emphasize sustainable practices to reestablish your outdoor environment.

You will learn the essential role of bacteria in the function of your landscape! On our channel, you will discover this invisible world of microbes and how they perform this beautiful “dance” with nutrients to help you with maximizing performance. Whether you are struggling with dead soil, diseases, or unhealthy crops, we are gonna take you deep into this world to treat the root of the problem.