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I'm looking for Big Ole Bird Quart size—where is it?

You might notice a change in our product listing in the near future. Our most popular item, Big ole Bird, will no longer be available in the quart size option. Instead, you will find quart sized Hen Helper in its place. This is the same product you know and love, simply rebranded to reduce confusion for our poultry growers who don't necessarily want to grow big birds. Hen Helper still offers all the flock-changing benefits found in our poultry performer, Big ole Bird, without the focus on size.

Like Big ole Bird, Hen Helper is a powerhouse of probiotics, organic acids and biologically active carbon that strengthen your hens’ natural defense systems from within. Studies show that it decreases mortality and improves feed conversion, gut health and resistance to disease. Hen Helper also tightens the gut, which produces cleaner eggs, firmer shells and improved hatchability.

If you have any concerns or would like to learn more, don't hesitate to contact us.