How Southland Organics Products Work

Use Nature to Your Advantage

It can be extremely discouraging when things like sick poultry, weak grass, frail crops and stinky water persist no matter how much you disinfect, treat or fertilize. You’re putting in the work but not getting the results you need. Most growers work tirelessly to treat these problems without knowing they are actually symptoms of havoc at an invisible, molecular level.

When you look a little closer—like microscopically close—you can see the root of the problems. 

Here you find two kinds of bacteria: GOOD and BAD. 

Antibiotics, disinfectants and over-fertilization wipe out both, knocking down nature’s designed defenses. This creates a blank slate for bad bacteria to grow, uninhibited. This is ground zero for the symptoms you see.

When healthy and balanced, bacteria, fungus and nutrients work together to dramatically help your operations not just survive, but thrive. However, if left uncontrolled, they can overrun your operation. 

Our programs and products fight and win over the bad bacteria by strengthening and multiplying the good bacteria. Stronger lines of defense mean more resilient living things. When living things are more resilient, it creates higher yield, healthier conditions and a more sustainable business for you. 

Poultry Products

Sick birds don't just raise mortality numbers—they create wet, loose litter—the perfect breeding ground for dangerous bacteria to spread. This is how things like necrotic enteritis or dermatitis take over a house.

Southland Organics’ scientifically formulated poultry products use organic carbon and beneficial microbes (good bacteria) to strengthen birds' immune systems, increase nutrient absorption and tighten guts.

With more efficient and effective digestion, birds experience less feed passage and better disease resistance. This results in drier litter, stronger birds and cleaner houses. With strong natural defenses, birds grow in a healthier environment with less threat of disease, lower mortality and better performance for all. But don't just take our word for it—download the study results to see the data!

Ultimately, Southland Organics' poultry products produce healthier birds from the inside out.

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Turf Products

Southland Organics turf products use biology to supercharge soil with the building blocks turf grass needs to thrive. 

Organic acids and top-quality, organic carbon work to break surface tension of compacted soils and deliver oxygen to the root zone. Grass grows deeper roots in oxygenated soil, helping it resist disease and overtake weeds.

The added beneficial microbes in our products help decompose residual pesticides and herbicides and unlock bound nutrients in the soil and make them available to the plant in simpler, more easily absorbed forms. This amplifies conventional programs by making your inputs work harder for longer. 

Plants develop deeper roots, retain water, resist disease and pests, and become lush and healthy. 

Our soil amendments are a vital portion of a well crafted turf program. Increase your results and experience less stress with more profits.

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Crops Products

Carbon and nitrogen are part of nature’s design to turn things that are dead into something that can be used as life-giving fuel. Fertilizer is packed with nitrogen. Carbon naturally occurs to help convert elements that cannot be used on their own, like nitrogen, into food for plants.

Carbon can be thought of as the fuel that propels the soil engine. The microbes in the soil are the workers. They have the important job of breaking down soil nutrients into plant-ready food. Every soil nutrient and mineral requires microbes to process them into a usable form.

Soil that is consistently farmed and given lots of fertilizer needs extra help keeping the natural carbon balance necessary to make the most of the food given to plants.

Our products add biologically active, organic carbon and organic acids to balance the ratio and help accelerate the process, so you make the most of your fertilizer and get high yields and top quality crops!

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Waste Products

Unlike any other bio-formulation, our waste product, PORT, contains bacterial strains which actually digest difficult and non-biodegradable compounds such as detergents, paper, oil, grease, hydrocarbons, phenols, etc.

Port bio-formulation provides exceptional results controlling hydrogen sulfide and other mercaptan odors emitted from the holding tanks. Our substrate is an organic product that controls sulfide odors by blocking the pathways of sulfide-producing compounds. Our waste formula is also unique in that it contains micro and macro-nutrients that accelerate microbial activity, growth, and performance.

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