Powerful Soil Conditioner For Increased Crop Yield

Vastly improves soil vitality for peak performance

Soil Conditioner
Soil Conditioner
Soil Conditioner
Soil Conditioner

Jump Start Soil Conditioner is a unique 100% raw material drawn from an ancient humus deposit. The material is extracted with a no-heat process that preserves the chemical composition of the humus thus providing maximum performance. By applying the JumpStart to soil, agricultural producers can revitalize the soil, improve nutrient uptake, and increase yield.

Jump Start Soil Conditioner restores soils to healthy and fertile conditions by aerating the soil and chelating micronutrients. As a humate soil conditioner, the presence of soil amendments such as humic, fulvic and ulmic acids break up compacted soils which makes the soil easier to work or till. It also increases aeration thus allowing the plant roots to grow bigger and stronger.

“Humic substances affect soil fertility by making nutrients more readily available to plants. Humic acids also promote plant growth by enabling root penetration in soils. Humic acid also acts in decreasing water evaporation from soils.” USDA Report
“Humic substances, the major components of soil organic matter, are important to agricultural areas such as soil chemistry, biology, and fertility, as well as environmental quality. The multiple parts played by these materials can greatly benefit plant growth. Examples are their contributions in plant growth enhancement, increasing fertilizer efficiency, or reducing soil compaction” USDA Report

Want even more information? Read the full USDA Report


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Jump Start Soil Conditioner
a powerful humate soil conditioner for increased plot performance
  • Builds beneficial microbial activity
  • Reduces the compaction of clay soils
  • Builds organic matter in soils
  • Increase in the soils capacity to retain water
  • Reduction of water evaporation from soils
  • Increases grass seed germination percentage
  • Allows water to penetrate soils easier
  • Vastly increases nutrient uptake
  • Stabilizes soil conditions
  • Enhances the movement of elements up to the plant roots
  • Reduces the salinity in soil by sequestering sodium and salts
  • Stabilizes soil pH

When To Use Jump Start Soil Conditioner

  • When desiring the best possible soil conditions
  • During or prior to the seeding process
  • When dealing with heavy clay soils
  • When dealing with fungal issues
  • When dealing with Leaf Blight
  • During heat or drought conditions
  • During transplanting
  • When dealing with toxicity issues (dead soils)
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