Tractor Supply Company Chick Days

At Southland Organics, we are proud to announce that Big ole Bird Poultry Supplement is being showcased in many Tractor Supply Company stores this spring as a part of TSC’s 2016 Chick Days.

Chick Days is an event where live chicks and ducklings are available in Tractor Supply stores. As well, Tractor Supply offers everything a backyard chicken keeper needs to care for their flock.  TSC stores carry the most extensive line of chicken-care products and we are thrilled to be a part of the lineup this year.

In case you are not familiar with Big ole Bird Poultry Probiotic you should learn why so many backyard poultry fans and commercial growers nationwide are already using BoB.  BoB takes poultry probiotics technology to the next level by introducing beneficial levels of Humic and Fulvic acids to the formula.

Big ole Bird, or BoB, is Biology Optimized for Birds. There are other poultry products on the market offering probiotic microorganisms aimed at improving gut microflora. However, Big ole Bird poultry probiotic takes this technology to the next level by introducing rich organic acids to the formula as well as activated carbon. 

The combination of these sources in a highly concentrated formula provide your flock with the protection they need. Big ole Bird is simply a great answer for probiotics for chickens.

Be sure to visit your local Tractor Supply Company and ask for Big ole Bird Poultry Probiotic! If your store doesn't carry it yet, please ask for it. Or, visit to purchase there.

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