Scientifically proven products, so you can give your feathered friends the nutritional help they deserve.

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Happy birds are healthy birds.

Backyard chicken coops can be such a source of joy. Whether you do it for the farm fresh eggs, highest quality chicken or simply as home to your beloved pets, Southland Organics chicken feed supplements will help you grow happier, healthier hens.

How to use our products for healthy backyard birds

It's time to boost the roost!

The scoop on a healthy coop.

Each Southland Organics poultry feed supplement is designed to strengthen your hens and their environment. 

For the past decade, we have helped poultry lovers across the nation give their birds the utmost care by creating the healthiest internal and external environments possible. 

With healthier hens, you will have firmer shells through improved calcium and vitamin absorption. Better absorption during feed passage also results in cleaner eggs. 

Our Hen Helper is a chicken mineral supplement that has shown that it can keep birds in peak longer, which can help with egg production. And if you’re growing chicks, it can be used as an early bird poultry supplement to start your flock off healthy, and keep them that way!

Backyard Poultry Improvement
Backyard Poultry Improvement

Scientifically Proven Products

How it works.

All of our specially formulated supplements use biologically active, organic carbon and beneficial bacteria (probiotics) to boost nature’s defenses inside birds guts and in the litter below their feet. 

This helps them absorb more nutrients from feed and chicken water supplements and fight off bad bacteria that cause disease like curled toe and so much more. 

These important ingredients also help boost their natural ability to absorb vitamins and electrolytes. They also help process nutrients to improve feed intake and weight gain. This creates a healthier bird on every level—nutrition, fertility and environment. 

Calcium deficiencies will affect shell quality and can make bones brittle. Boosting layer feed with a highly absorbable vitamin mineral supplement for chicken, like our Catalyst, can help.

Our laying hen supplements are easily mixed in with the drinking water so your birds can quickly get the boost they need.

Our Backyard Poultry Nutritional Supplements

How to use our products for healthy backyard birds

"Started using a tiny bit in their water each day. Their feathers are as shiny as can be now. They are happy and healthy. Can't wait to see how their eggs turn out when they're older!"
Hen Helper Testimonial
Hen Helper Testimonial
Big ole Bird Review
"I have tried just about every chicken product and medication on the market. I have hundreds of them. And I must admit...this is the bees knees...the berries. I think I would have lost some of my lovelies if not for this product. Worth every penny...and it is ORGANIC!"
Big ole Bird Review
"She won Grand Champion Best in Breed. The judge made it a point to mention that her turkey was filling out like it should, he had nice bone structure and beautiful, healthy, full feathers. We know it is because of the products we used from Southland Organics as part of how we feed our turkeys, that her bird did so good!"
Hana & mom, Amanda

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