Stellar performance in today's new poultry environment is hard to achieve, but it is certainly attainable.

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Southland Organics strengthens natural defenses to grow resilient birds and businesses.

We proudly work with most integrators across the country.

Poultry Broilers

Frustrated with poor performance?

Many broiler farmers we meet aren’t just struggling to thrive, they are struggling to survive. 
It is extremely discouraging when sick birds, high feed conversion and filthy houses persist no matter how much you disinfect, treat or supplement. The prior method of using antibiotics is no longer an option. 
You’re putting in the work but not getting the results you need, and you struggle to treat problems that are actually symptoms of something deeper.

“We love Southland”

Let’s get to the root.

When you look a little closer, like microscopically close, you can see the root issue.

Your chicken house is a biological battlefield.
Here you’ll find two kinds of bacteria—GOOD and BAD. 

Antibiotics and disinfectants wipe out both, knocking down nature’s designed defenses. This creates a blank slate for bad bacteria to take over, uninhibited. 

This is ground zero for the problems you continually fight. To win, you must strengthen the good bacteria and natural defenses!

Don’t Just Survive. Thrive.

Southland Organics products strengthen the natural defenses using scientifically proven methods.

With strong natural defenses, birds grow in a healthier environment with
less threat of disease, lower mortality and better performance for all.

For 10 years, we have helped farmers nationwide with challenges that seemed too big to overcome. We have heard everything from “you have saved our farm” to “you are now our secret weapon.”

Whatever your situation looks like one thing is certain—we want to help because we care. We understand poultry. We know the science. We believe in farmers.

By bolstering natural defenses, you will see stronger birds. Healthier birds bring better performance, which leads to increased profitability and peace of mind for a better life in and outside of work.

It’s time to save your birds and your livelihood.

“My experience with Hen Helper has been very positive. We currently run several different flock ages. My 160 week old birds are running a strong 85% with great shell quality. The birds appear healthier and stronger than my past flocks. I keep a continuous low dose of your product in their water.”
Poultry Breeder in California
Poultry Breeder in California
Poultry Farmer in Mississippi
"I’ve been using Big ole Bird, but just started adding Catalyst. I had the best feed conversion I have ever had. 4.86lb bird on a 153 feed conversion. I was #2."
Poultry Farmer in Mississippi
"The only flock last year that we were not ranked in the top 3 was the one flock that we cleaned out the houses and didn't use Litter Life! Also, last flock we grew a 7.07 bird and made more per thousand than we EVER made."
Poultry Farmer in Georgia
Poultry Farmer in Georgia
Poultry Farmer in Mississippi
"If you EVER have anyone who doesn't believe this Big ole Bird will work, you tell them to give me a call. I grew a 4.10 with a 158 feed conversion on 35 days with a 97% liveability. I was number one. The next biggest bird was a 4.15 on 37 days. I have finally made it back to the top and am super excited."
Dan B.
Poultry Farmer in Mississippi