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Three products for complete backyard 
chicken coop nutrition.

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Backyard Chicken Supplements

Three products for complete backyard chicken coop nutrition.

Backyard Poultry Product Bundle

We want you to have healthy, happy chickens in your backyard coop! That means birds that are less susceptible to disease, have healthy weights and lay plenty of eggs.

Probiotics, vitamins and apple cider vinegar can help ensure you’re in your best health. They have the same effect on your chickens! Check out our top three chicken supplements recommended for backyard chicken coops: Hen Helper, Mother Load and Catalyst.

For detailed instructions on how to use these products for your coop, check out our Backyard Poultry Dosing Chart.

To learn about the parts of an egg and better understand chicken egg production, check out our blog on egg anatomy.

backyard chicken supplements

"These products have perked my chickens up. All are laying regularly with clean eggs."

Hen Helper

Poultry Probiotic for Digestive Health

Hen Helper has organic acids and carbon that naturally tighten birds’ guts, improving overall digestive health. Hen Helper aids in nutrient and vitamin absorption, which helps shell quality and cleanliness so that you get firmer shells and healthier chicks. Plus, all the good bacteria in this product works in your birds’ gut to help fight off bad bacteria that cause diseases.

Hen Helper is a probiotic chicken supplement. It will improve the conversion of your chicken feed so your birds get extra nutrition from their food. Laying hens will experience improved egg production, and all birds will have a healthy gut.

To use Hen Helper, add one teaspoon per gallon of your birds’ fresh drinking water at least once a week.

Mother Load

Apple Cider Vinegar + Garlic for Chickens

Mother Load is raw, unfiltered ACV infused with garlic. Mother Load has antiviral and antibacterial properties, it keeps the digestive tract healthy and it boosts birds’ immune systems. On top of all that, Mother Load has the probiotic acetic acid, which battles bad bacteria in the gut, fighting illness and disease.

Mother Load is infused with powdered garlic. Birds love the taste of the vinegar and garlic mix, so they are happy to drink their water when Mother Load is in it.

With Mother Load, we like to use the phrase "clean guts and butts!" Mother Load promotes gut health and prevents mucus buildup. Because of this, laying hens will produce cleaner eggs. Mother Load makes chickens' guts a tough place for internal parasites to live, so you won't have to worry about extra digestion stress.

To use Mother Load, apply 1 tablespoon per gallon of clean drinking water once per week. Apply Mother Load at least 3 days before or after applying Hen Helper. This will ensure the antibacterial properties do not conflict with the probiotics in Hen Helper.

Catalyst Poultry Vitamin

Vitamins for Chickens- Healthy Immune System!

Catalyst is a specially formulated, poultry-specific multivitamin that helps maximize bird health. This 8 oz. bottle has the same vitamins and minerals as our classic powder product, full of beneficial Vitamins. Included are vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin D 3. We made this liquid formula of Catalyst to be easier to apply and more cost efficient for smaller-scale flocks.

Adding vitamin supplements to a flock's diet is the best way for birds to get vitamins that aren't found in chicken feed. Our vitamin chicken supplement boosts cardiovascular health, skin health and blood health. It also supports leg and bone development.

Chickens require folic acid for feather quality and reproductive health. Vitamin D 3 improves shell quality and bone health. Biotin prevents dermatitis around the eyes and on the feet. And that is just to name a few of the benefits of Catalyst Poultry Vitamin!

To use Catalyst, apply 1 teaspoon per gallon of clean water once per week.

Backyard Poultry Bundle Chicken Supplements

$ 49.00 $ 67.00 -27% OFF

Backyard Poultry Bundle Chicken Supplements

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$ 49.00 $ 67.00 -27% OFF

Products Ship next day and are usually delivered in 3-7 days.

You can buy Hen Helper, Mother Load and Catalyst chicken supplements together in one bundle for complete backyard chicken care. This is the most cost-effective way to try out all these chicken supplements and boost your roost!

This backyard bird bundle is also a great tool for backyard chicken keeping for beginners. Start your first flock off right by helping them get the nutrients and gut care they need. All of these chicken supplements can be used with chicks and adult chickens!

This group of chicken supplements provides nutritional benefits to covers all the bases for a healthy flock. They're designed and recommended to be used together.

We recommend using Hen Helper and Catalyst as chicken supplements at the same time- why not save 20% by buying them together? When you’re not increasing your hens’ egg quality, you should be helping them clean their guts. That’s why we also recommend using Mother Load between Hen Helper and Catalyst doses.

With the backyard bird bundle, you save 27%, or $18, compared to buying the chicken supplements separately. This bundle makes a great coop-warming gift, too!

For detailed instructions on how to use these products for your coop, check out our Backyard Poultry Dosing Chart.

Benefits of chicken supplements for free-range chickens

Raising chickens is a tough but rewarding practice. To have the healthiest, happiest chickens possible, it's necessary to add supplements to your chickens' diet. Even if you make your own feed, provide free choice grit and have free range chickens, it's easiest to add supplements for a nutritionally complete diet.

Free choice chickens benefit from Mother Load because they like the taste. They will love to visit the coop waterer when Mother Load is in it! Mother Load is not something you'll find at any old feed store- you'll have to buy it online or look for one of our distributors.

Chicken's diet alone usually can't supply all they need in terms of essential nutrients health benefits. Free ranging chickens can meet a lot of their nutritional needs from their daily habits, but free choice supplements can provide micro nutrients to fill in the gaps.

Think of it this way- you can get all the vitamins you need from your diet, but you have to be really intentional about eating a wide variety of food to do so. But if you take a multivitamin, you can be sure you get any other minerals or vitamins that you didn't happen to eat that day. Giving your chickens supplements is the same!

Backyard Poultry Bundle Benefits

  • Easy to apply- simply follow the package directions and apply to coop waterers
  • Natural supplements- no harsh chemicals
  • Improved egg laying and clean eggs
  • Boosts immune system to prevent health issues
  • Increase natural production of oils to make feathers shine
  • Production of stronger eggshells
  • Chickens recover from molting season more quickly
  • Absorb extra calcium
  • Beneficial bacteria aids in the digestion of additional protein
  • Simple, natural, cost-effective way to meet your chickens' nutritional needs
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