Liquid Fish Fertilizer

Southland Organics Liquid Fish hydrolysate is an all organic, highly nutritional fish fertilizer for plants. It is made from only the freshest fish sourced from crisp mountain streams and the cold waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean. We have perfected our organic liquid fish fertilizer for organic production as well as conventional growers.

Our fish fertilizer is NOT fish emulsion fertilizer! It is a fish hydrolysate made by utilizing naturally occurring enzymes and cold water processing. This naturally breaks down the fish frames and produces the worlds finest liquid fish fertilizer.

No synthetic products, boiling water or harsh chemicals are used during the process to create our hydrolyzed fish fertilizer. The result is a biologically active, safe to use fish fertilizer thats odor is significantly less compared to typical fish emulsion fertilizer.

If you are looking for the perfect organic liquid fish fertilizer to replenish your soil's elements, sustain biological life and improve the yield of your plants and gardens, then look no further!


Shake well before using. Prepare for one application only. Do not store diluted fertilizer.

Use 1/8 Cup (1 fl. Oz.) per gallon of water.

Vegetable Crops: Apply 3 gallons per acre. First application is with the onset of the secondary leaves. Second application at the pre-blossom stage. Third application should be pre-harvest.

Lawns & Turf: Apply 4 gallons per acre diluted in 120 gallons of water. Apply once per month during the growing season.

Liquid Fish Fertilizer is our Phase 2 product in our COMPLETE GARDEN program and should be applied every 28 days in 4 consecutive applications for maximum effectiveness.

Use our Phase 3 product Ignition Garden Rejuvenator to replenish your soil's after the growing season.

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