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Why Sanitizers? Annihilate and Repopulate.

Natural Defenses

Did you know that science shows poultry, crops, golf greens, landscapes and water thrive most when they have strong natural defenses? Southland Organics products leverage beneficial microbes and carbon to help living things thrive.

But in the natural world, some challenges won't go away unless you completely annihilate them with something that really packs a punch.

That's why we distribute sanitizing products.

These heavy duty cleaning agents annihilate harmful pathogens with the fastest  kill time available and 99.999% effectiveness! Best of all—they don't use harsh chemicals that can be harmful to humans and the things you grow and manage.

We can help annihilate the problems you fight all the way down to the source—E. Coli, salmonella, clostridium and so much more.

With a truly disinfected surface, you can repopulate natural defenses with Southland Organics products to keep things clean and prevent harmful pathogens from taking over again.

Clean. Sanitize. Disinfect.