Alyssa Rauton

Alyssa Rauton

Avian and Research Specialist

Alyssa is our Avian and Research Specialist. As a student at the UGA Veterinary School, Alyssa is our go-to gal for all things poultry. She supports our Poultry Biosecurity educational program, helping research and write about the hottest topics in commercial and backyard poultry growing. You can even see Alyssa in some of the videos on our Poultry Biosecurity YouTube page. Alyssa is passionate about helping growers and producers learn how to improve their output through science-backed solutions.

Alyssa got her B.S.A. in Avian Biology from the University of Georgia, graduating as a member of Sigma Alpha. After vet school, Alyssa hopes to work for the USDA in poultry consultation. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys visiting pretty places, drawing lovely things and cooking delicious meals.


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