Scientifically proven products to add a heaping dose of confidence to your slurry.

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Dead Soil Wrecking Your Reputation?

Soil that has been overworked, compacted and stripped of nutrients can challenge your business. With less germination and seed survival, your job is left with uncertainty.

Southland Organics soil conditioners and activators are the leading turf amplifiers for erosion control. Scientifically proven for faster seed germination,  Genesis uses biologically active organic carbon, organic acids and microbes to equip your soil with the tools needed for optimal seed growth on every type of project.

Confidence is built on healthy soil. When you choose us for your next job, you choose less time, better results and greater profits.

Optimize Your Next Project

Win More Jobs With More Confidence.

Whether you’re looking to win more bids or simply want more confidence in the time and resources you invest in your erosion control jobs—the success of your job lies in the soil.

Overworking and runoff have stripped the soil of vital organisms and critical nutrients for proper seed germination and root development at most job sites. That means many erosion control crews have extra hurdles to jump because the soil just isn’t equipped with the tools it needs to grow grass well.

That's why we have designed speciality carbon based products to make your seeding projects take root and grow at faster rates more consistently, even in harsh conditions.

Add Science to Your Slurry

Maximize Performance Not Costs.

Our products have a high concentration of biostimulants that accelerate root growth through oxygenation, chelate soil nutrients to make them accessible to the plant, combat negative fungal growth, and aerate compacted soil.

Contractors who add Southland Organics soil amendments to their slurries and seeding projects will deliver superior erosion control, and ultimately win more bids with our cost-effective solutions.

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It's All In The Numbers

Hydroseeding Germination
See the Proof!
*Laboratory testing by TRI Environmental

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“Our customers are astonished by the success of their projects without the added cost.”
Brad Broxton, Sales Representative

Cut the Cost not the Corners

Our expertise is in the soil. We can guide you to the right solution for your project. We have been involved in consulting on countless germination projects. We would love to assist you on yours!

To solve project-specific issues, we formulate and add different microbial packages to our products’ biologically active, organic carbon base.
"We have really noticed that yards bounce back much faster in drought and other stress related events. We have integrated Omega and other Southland Organics products heavily into our spray programs."
Landscaping Professional in Georgia
Landscaping Professional in Georgia
Landscaping and Hydroseeding Professional in Georgia
"7 days and the grass is visible. That is nearly unheard of! My customer is very happy at this point."
Landscaping and Hydroseeding Professional in Georgia

The Building Blocks of Healthy Soil