Scientifically proven products to establish stronger, greener lawns—faster.
The Proof Is In The Numbers!

Dead soil leeching your profits? 

Imagine a vibrant soil structure. One that is teeming with beneficial microbes that efficiently break down nutrients and increase exchange rates within the root zones of your most valuable asset, the turf. Imagine a strong mixture of bacillus, fungi, and protozoa that collectively ward off disease and pestilence. In such a story, your fertilization programs go farther, your macro nutrient dependency is lessened, and your disease pressure is nearly non-existent.

We are big on agronomic turf management and professional turf growth, and that is why our products are developed to meet the needs of professionals. Our liquid aeration and lawn treatment soil conditioners assist you in providing optimal lawn care for your customers.

Amplify Your Turf Program

Optimize soil for resilient turf grass.

Disease, slow germination and chemical costs leech profits from landscapers’ bottom lines. All of these headaches have the same root—dead soil.

Adding products rich in organic biostimulants accelerate root growth through oxygenation, chelate soil nutrients to make
them accessible to the plant, combat negative fungal
growth, aerate and improve compacted soil, and work
to unlock previous fertilizer applications.

Supercharge the soil and get the most our out of your turf program.

Healthier Lawns. Happier Customers.

Build their soil and your business.

Southland Organics turf products use biology to optimize soil with the building blocks lawns need. Biologically active, organic carbon, organic acids and good bacteria help establish stronger, greener lawns—faster. Grass grows deeper roots in oxygenated soil, helping it resist disease and overtake weeds.

By reviving dead soil, you’ll be confident delivering beautiful lawns to the happiest customers you've ever had.

It's All In The Numbers

Hydroseeding Germination
Hydroseeding Germination
Plant Height
When compared to seed not treated with Genesis, seed that was given Genesis showed a 136% increase in plant height over 21 days.

Projects that use Genesis see stronger results faster.
Hydroseeding Germination
7 Day Germination
On Day 7, the germination rate compared to the control showed a 1550% increase in germination rate.

Quicker germination is key in erosion control.
Hydroseeding Germination
Overall Germination Rate
By Day 21, the seed treated with Genesis had an average of 155% faster seed germination rate.

Genesis activates and enhances seed germination rates.
Hydroseeding Germination
Plant Mass
When measured on Day 21, the Genesis group’s plant mass was 250% greater than the average control group's plant mass.

Plant mass is a true indicator of health and strength.
*Laboratory testing by TRI Environmental

Easy to Apply

Our liquid fertilizer and soil conditioners are simple to dilute and easy to apply.

Applications can be made in low pressure and high pressure spray systems.

Flexible Use

Our liquid carbon lineup will complement your existing program giving your technicians great success in the field.

Our products can blend with conventional fertilizers and fungicides.

Professional Service

We are committed to our relationships with lawn care professionals and distributors. We realize that customer service is vital for your business. We provide support and services so that you are free to focus on providing your customers with the desired attention.
Let’s Speak Science. Not Fiction.
Southland Organics provides customized plans based on data and research.

Biologically Active Organic Carbon

Perhaps the most significant differentiator with Southland Organics products is the many forms of living, natural soil biology. The base formula contains 20+ microbes that fix nitrogen, solubilize phosphorus and solubilize potassium.

Bacteria + Fungi

We can balance a bacteria dominated formula and a fungal dominated formula based on the pH buffering during extraction. The fungal benefits the root zone of the plants to extend root zones and increase nutrient uptake.

Enhanced Vigor

The result is a more vigorous plant with fewer diseases and insect damage. A number of the native species of beneficial biology in the product can help fight off infection, giving you healthier plants that can naturally resist insect infestations.

Complete Carbon

The carbon contains lignin that will bind chemical compounds and hold them while soil biology breaks them down into more simple compounds. It also holds many times its weight in water to help keep the soil moist.

Our Pro Turf Product Line Up

"We have really noticed that yards bounce back much faster in drought and other stress related events. We have integrated Omega and other Southland Organics products heavily into our spray programs."
Landscaping Professional in Georgia
Landscaping Professional in Georgia
Landscaping and Hydroseeding Professional in Georgia
"7 days and the grass is visible. That is nearly unheard of! My customer is very happy at this point."
Landscaping and Hydroseeding Professional in Georgia
Real Help from Real People.

At Southland Organics, our biggest joy comes from helping growers like you. 

We are passionate about the soil and believe that stronger plants are grown in a healthy environment. Our products work to enhance your current programs so you get the most out of your turf grass.

We’re on call to learn about your unique challenges and create a customized program to best solve your problems with science-based solutions. 

Connect directly through our chat, or call 800-608-3755 to speak with Brad Broxton ([email protected]), our Turf Development Rep.

                Brad Broxton

Resources for Soil Health

Looking for how to optimize your soil and boost your outdoor environment?

Are you frustrated and unresolved with tough situations in your outdoor environment? At Southland Organics, our passion is not to create a quick solution but a sustainable lifestyle in agriculture through organic products and practices. We believe in treating natural problems with natural solutions and that education is the foundation for change. Our videos will teach you how to use microbiology, nutrients and organic acids and emphasize sustainable practices to reestablish your outdoor environment.

You will learn the essential role of bacteria in the function of your landscape! On our channel, you will discover this invisible world of microbes and how they perform this beautiful “dance” with nutrients to help you with maximizing performance. Whether you are struggling with dead soil, diseases, or unhealthy crops, we are gonna take you deep into this world to treat the root of the problem.