Why Choose Southland Organics?

We realize you have a few other choices, and we are glad that you are here. Enjoy the videos below about our little company and know that we are here to make your professional and home environments a bit better.


Why Choose Southland Organics

Southland Organics is proud of the products they offer for plants and crops, animal health, and vault toilets.



At Southland Organics, our top-notch customer service experts are here to happily serve and help you.


Small Batch Production

By using small batch production, Southland Organics ensures that you get the freshest product with the highest quality.


Made in the USA

100% sourced and made in the USA, Southland Organics products are home grown and proud of it.



Southland Organics makes scientifically-proven products that feed the soil, that feeds the plants, that grow the food, that feeds the family.


Free Shipping

Southland Organics not only offers top of the line soil amendments and animal health products, we also offer free shipping on ALL orders over $50.


Southland University

Southland Organics offers educational information on all products for bioremediation, animal health, plants and crops, and lawn and turf.


Small Business

Southland Organics is a small business comprised of employees who are passionate about their customers and business.