Scientifically proven products to strengthen your hens and their environment.

How It Works
Tired of dirty eggs and low hatchability?

Are your hens producing, but struggling with viable egg production? Or are your laying hen numbers dropping because of mortality issues? Maybe your hatchability rate is good, but the eggs are dirty and just make more work for you.


Firmer shells, improved hatchability and healthier hens.

These don’t have to be daydreams. This has become a reality for breeders we work with across the nation—and it’s possible for you too.

Scientifically Proven Products

Better birds from the inside out.

Each Southland Organics product is designed to strengthen your hens and their environment. 

With healthier hens, you will see firmer shells through improved calcium and vitamin absorption. Better absorption during digestion results in a tighter gut and cleaner eggs. Our Hen Helper has shown that it can help keep birds in peak longer, which can help with egg production.

How does it work?

The science behind success.

All of our specially formulated supplements use biologically active, organic carbon and beneficial microbes (probiotics) to boost nature’s defenses inside birds' guts and in the litter below their feet. 

This helps them fight off bad bacteria that cause disease like dermatitis, enteritis and so much more. 

These important ingredients also help boost their natural ability to absorb and process nutrients. This creates a healthier bird on every level—nutrition, fertility and environment. 

We believe so much in our products’ effectiveness in increasing overall hen health because science backs them up.

Our Breeder Products

"Running Hen Helper for the first time on my hens. They are supposed to be at 20% and they are already at 50%!"
Poultry Breeder in Virginia
Poultry Breeder in Virginia
Poultry Breeder in California
“My experience with Hen Helper has been very positive. We currently run several different flock ages. My 160 week old birds are running a strong 85% with great shell quality. The birds appear healthier and stronger than my past flocks. I keep a continuous low dose of your product in their water.”
Poultry Breeder in California
"I have to admit I was quite skeptical to try. I implemented the program to my egg layer flock that I was contemplating culling due to poor performance. By the end of day two production rose from 20% to 75%. Weeks later we are at 90%. Honestly I am astonished and quite speechless."
Mike Z
Poultry Layer Farmer
Poultry Layer Farmer
Real Help from Real People.
Allen Reynolds Southland Organics

At Southland Organics, our biggest joy comes from helping growers like you. 

We know the new poultry environment and its restrictions on antibiotics knocked the wind out of most farmers, not to mention their profits. That’s why we have a team who knows the industry, right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. 

We’re on call to learn about your unique challenges and create a customized program to best solve your problems with science-based solutions. 

Connect directly with Allen, our Poultry Development Rep.

Allen Reynolds Southland Organics
Allen Reynolds
800-608-3755 x701
allen at
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Poultry Biosecurity Resources

Looking for more than products to boost your birds and poultry business?

We want to help your farm be as strong, secure and successful as possible by leveraging the science behind your birds. That’s why we created Poultry Biosecurity, the educational arm of Southland Organics. We want to know and share the truth about the microscopic world that affects your birds and business. That’s what we share here. Studies, helpful videos and blogs, all with the purpose of assisting growers just like you across the nation.

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