Southland Organics helps growers solve problems at the molecular level.

How Our Products Work

Better Performance. Stronger Environment. Increased Profits.

Farmers and growers struggle to get to the root of the problems of weak immune and eco systems. Southland Organics strengthens natural defenses to create resilient birds, healthier soil and eliminate waste.

We help growers create more profitable businesses through personally guided, science-based solutions that address natural problems at the molecular level.

Most people do not have a grip on the invisible factors that cause havoc on their operations. That's where we come in. We are here to educate on how these unseen elements of the world of bacteria, fungus and nutrients can be used to the grower's advantage.

The science behind our products uses microbiology to boost your business!

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How Our Products Work

Growers struggle to get to the root of the problems of weak immune and ecosystems. We combine a variety of microbial packages and biologically active, organic carbon to strengthen natural defenses and create resilient birds, buds and businesses. 
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“My experience with Hen Helper has been very positive. We currently run several different flock ages. My 160 week old birds are running a strong 85% with great shell quality. The birds appear healthier and stronger than my past flocks. I keep a continuous low dose of your product in their water.”
Poultry Breeder in California
Reese | Southland Organics Review
John Maylone | Southland Organics Review
"I've been looking for a decent weed killer that does not use glyphosate. This product is perfect for my needs. It's affordable and the coverage is good. I had a lot of questions when I first started using it and the guys at the company were quick to reply and were very helpful."
John Maylone
Torched Customer, California
"Every year we have used Jump Start, it has shown a positive increase, positive ROI. First time we did it, we just put it out one time and got a bump. Then tried it again on top of the crop and got a good bump. Next year we tried it, it showed a very positive ROI. Now, we use it on every acre."
Tiffany & Aubrey
Row Crop Farmers in Alabama
Tiffany & Aubrey | Southland Organics Review
PORT Review
"So far the odor has been cut by over 75%"
Girl Scouts of America
PORT Review

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At Southland Organics, our biggest joy comes from helping growers like you. That’s why we have a team of people who know the industries we serve, ready to talk to you personally, right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. 

We’re on call to learn about your unique challenges and create a customized program to best solve your problems with science-based solutions. 

Connect directly through our chat or call 800-608-3755.

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Southland Organics
We have a specialist in each key area. Select your category to begin.
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Create a dialogue with a specialist who will guide you with a custom plan.
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Implement the guided plan, increase profits and maximize performance.

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