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Whether you are working a backyard vegetable garden or centennial row-crop farm, every grower wants to find higher yield, better crop quality and cost savings, all while serving as a good steward of the land. Replenishing humic material can achieve all those goals at once.

Research shows that a humic acid soil conditioner can increase yield in a host of ways: Improving seed germination, providing better soil texture to hold and distribute water, enabling the plant to absorb nitrogen more efficiently and helping to fight disease.

Leading provider of soil amendments and animal health products.

We believe that nourishing the soil through proper environmental stewardship is the key to a healthier food supply.

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AMZN & The Troubled Table

January 23, 2018

Amazon Whole Foods

How Will Amazon Effect Whole Foods?

Last week Business Insider Magazine ran a couple of articles covering Whole Foods.  The articles highlight a system called “Order to Shelf.” The purpose of the system is to streamline the ordering process, eliminate extra inventory and decrease shrinkage. The thought process is simple as the goal is to have employees "largely bypass stock rooms and carry products directly from delivery trucks to store shelves."

So far the results have been disastrous.  Several employees were quoted that the system is "militaristic" and “crushes morale” as well as leading to many items being continually out of stock.  Stores look shabby, and the buying experience deteriorates.  Many customers are reportedly turned off by the look and lack of availability and claim to “start shopping somewhere else.”

Improving Poultry Litter as a Fertilizer. And…?

August 31, 2017

Poultry Litter Fertilizer

A few years ago, a major soft drink brand ran an entire ad campaign cleverly promoting the imaginary, multiplied benefits of their zero-calorie beverage. The ads featured a young man who, by drinking their soft drink experiences incredible results in various aspects of his life. How? By refusing to be satisfied with any one great thing. The beverage supposedly teaches him to demand more. Always look for theAND”!

While this sounds enticing, it is not always reasonable, that is, unless you have a truly great product. Litter Life keeps answering the bell, proving again and again to be that truly great product, and its benefits are real, not imaginary.


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