Healthier soil.
Faster germination.
Quicker green-up.

Scientifically proven products to add a heaping dose of confidence to your slurry.

Hydroseeding Products

Is Dead Soil Wrecking Your Reputation?

Soil that has been overworked, compacted and stripped of nutrients can challenge your business. With less germination and seed survival, your job is left with uncertainty.

Southland Organics soil conditioners and activators are the leading turf amplifiers for erosion control. Scientifically proven for faster seed germination, Genesis uses biologically active organic carbon, organic acids and microbes to equip your soil with the tools needed for optimal seed growth on every type of project.

Confidence is built on healthy soil. When you choose us for your next job, you choose less time, better results and greater profits.

Optimize Your Next Project

Win More Jobs With More Confidence.

Whether you’re looking to win more bids or simply want more

confidence in the time and resources you invest in your

erosion control jobs—the success of your job lies in the soil.

Overworking and runoff have stripped the soil of vital organisms

and critical nutrients for proper seed germination and root

development at most job sites. That means many erosion control

crews have extra hurdles to jump because the soil just isn’t equipped

with the tools it needs to grow grass well. That's why we have designed

speciality carbon based products to make your seeding projects take root and

grow at faster rates more consistently, even in harsh conditions.

Southland Organics adds science to your slurry

Maximize performance at minimum cost.

Our products have a high concentration of biostimulants that accelerate root growth through oxygenation, chelate soil nutrients to make them accessible to the plant, combat negative fungal growth and aerate compacted soil.

Contractors who add Southland Organics soil amendments to their slurries and seeding projects will deliver superior erosion control, and ultimately win more bids with our
cost-effective solutions.

cut the cost, not the corners

Our expertise is in the soil. We can guide you to the right solution for your project. We have been involved in consulting on countless germination projects. We would love to assist you on yours!

To solve project-specific issues, we formulate and add different microbial packages to our products’ biologically active, organic carbon base.

See How Genesis Works

our pro turf products

Humate Soil Conditioner 2.5 gal
Genesis Germination and Soil Conditioner from $ 19.00
Genesis provides all the building blocks you need to establish stronger, greener turf—faster! It uses biologically active, organic carbon to accelerate green-up and is scientifically proven to increase germination rate, plant height and mass area. Stimulates root growth Increases green-up Accelerates seed germination Chelates soil nutrients and decreases leaching Aerates and improves compacted soil Unlocks previous fertilizer applications Preconditions and activates soil biology to withstand stress Boosts fertilizer applications and unlocks existing soil nutrients Combats negative fungal and bacterial growth
Fish Fertilizer 2.5 gal
Liquid Fish Fertilizer from $ 15.00
Liquid Fish Hydrolysate is an all-organic, highly nutritional fish fertilizer for plants. It is made from only the freshest fish sourced from crisp mountain streams and the cold waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean. Our organic liquid fish fertilizer is ideal for organic production, as well as conventional growers. Cold water processed leaving the nutrients unharmed for plants Boosts growth Vastly improves soil structure Grows beneficial bacteria and fungi for better nutrient and moisture retention that roots need Helps keep the nitrogen in the soil to be released when roots need it Increases top soil over time Long shelf life
Organic Soil Activator 2.5 gal
Omega Soil Activator from $ 49.00
Omega is our amplified formula of biologically active carbon and organic acids. The added proprietary blend of beneficial microbes promotes nutrient uptake and builds turf that is resilient to disease and environmental stress. Decreases nutrient runoff Provides a natural guard and reduces pathogen influence Greatly reduces Zoysia patch and large patch in lawns and fairways Increases plant growth and development Increases nutrient uptake Establishes a balanced soil food web Provides relief to stressed and shocked root systems when laying new sods and plugs Increases soil energy as measured by Cation exchange capacity Reduces compaction in heavy clay soils
revival liquid lawn aerator 2.5 gallon
Revival Liquid Lawn Aerator from $ 20.00
Revival is the ultimate liquid lawn aerator and microbial dethatcher that reduces soil compaction and breaks down grass clippings. Return grass to healthy and lush conditions at the end of the season for a full turf revival! Amplifies soil biology to prevent bacterial and fungal stress Enhances oxygen levels and improves compacted soil Breaks down excess nutrients from previous applications throughout the year Composts organic matter and improves thatch layer Stimulates root growth Sustains vibrant, green color longer Chelates soil nutrients and decreases leaching
all natural weed killer 2.5 gal
Torched All Natural Weed Killer from $ 49.00
Torched is a fast-acting solution that eliminates weeds without the use of dangerous chemicals. Non-selective and highly effective, it even works on stubborn, glyphosate-resistant weeds like marestail and dog fennel. It is FIFRA 25-B Exempt and safe to spray around animals. Kills from leaves to root Fast-acting solution Safe to spray around garden beds, greenhouses, and poultry houses All-natural Free from harmful chemicals
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