December 13, 2016

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Big ole Bird vs. Necrotic Enteritis

Southland Organics is proud to release the results of a case study involving the product, Big ole Bird, or BoB, which also means Biology Optimized for Birds. Big ole Bird is a highly concentrated formula that provides poultry with the protection they need through probiotics. The formula aims to improve gut microflora in chicks through the introduction of rich organic acids and activated carbon.

The goal of the case study was to investigate Big ole Bird’s effectiveness in reducing or eliminating the effects of Enteritis caused by Clostridium in chickens.



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February 13, 2016

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Onion Fertilizer: Improvement in Marketable Yield of Vidalia Onions

Onion Fertilizer

It has been a few years but the results of this particular study have been realized again and again on other onion stands.  A few years back we conducted a study to see if improvement in marketable yield could be achieved through the application of our humic acid and fertilizer combinations on test plots of “Georgia Boy” onions.  The test were conducted on unequal size plots Southwest of Statesboro, GA.

What we found was not noticeable to us at first.  Sure we enjoy onions and love those sweet Vidalia's and we had to learn what a marketable yield meant and how onion size plays a big part in that.

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September 30, 2015

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Commercial Poultry: Worst to First

A case for  Litter Life & Big Ole Bird Poultry Supplement
Battling dermatitis in poultry is not a fun or easy challenge as the pitfalls of a loosing battle means massive amounts of dead birds.  Additionally the enemy is microscopic and it takes a bit of scientific knowledge to eradicate the problem.  In this case study we tell a simple tale of a farmer battling dermatitis and how our products helped in recovery and high placement.
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September 25, 2014

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Case Study: The Appalachian Trail Minimizing Moldering

Allen Reynolds spent time with the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club and did an fairly extensive trial and test on a wilderness privy located at the beginning of the Appalachian Trail. View full article →
February 11, 2014

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Landfill Odor Control | Foot and Mouth Burial Site

What England experienced in 2001 was unprecedented. The world has not seen anything like it since and the UK has still not fully recovered. The foot and mouth outbreak was devastating and presented authorities with multiple dilemmas. Not only did they have to stop the spread but had to deal with hundred of thousands of carcasses. One of the many burial sites was created in County Durham, England.

This was named the Tow Law burial site. Tow Law was unique in that it was closer to populations than many of the other sites. This was an intensely upsetting issue for local residents who were disturbed by unbelievable smells from the site. 500’L x 100’W x 40’D were the dimensions and it was filled with tens of thousands of sheep, cattle, and swine carcasses. The nearest house was 450 yards from the site and the nearest school was 770 yards. School outside activities had to be abandoned because of children vomiting from the stench.

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