Apartment Building Plumbing Problems: A Case Study. White pipes on a white brick background.
Apartment Building Plumbing Problems: A Case Study

Southland Organics’ PORT is a powerful fix that provides rapid waste degradation and odor control. The beneficial bacteria in PORT liquified solids and erased the biofilm, allowi...

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Nitrogen Loss in Soil
Avoid Nitrogen Loss In the Soil

Turf Genesis is a versatile product; applying it several times before and throughout the growing season enables your lawn to increase in green up, root stimulation, aeration and disease prevention. Read more

onion fertilizer
Onion Fertilizer: Improvement in Marketable Yield of Vidalia Onions

The combination of liquid Ultimate Tea and a fertilizer program show great improvement in regards to marketable yield and increased bulb size.

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appalachian trail
Case Study: The Appalachian Trail Minimizing Moldering

A member of the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club found out about our PORT product through a contact at the Joshua Tree in California. The contacts at Joshua Tree told him they had switched t...

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odor control
Landfill Odor Control | Foot and Mouth Burial Site

The foot and mouth outbreak was devastating and presented authorities with multiple dilemmas. Not only did they have to stop the spread but had to deal with hundred of thousands of carcasses.

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