Eliminate odors.
Liquify solids.
Erase biofilm.

Scientifically-proven products for
successful waste management.

Waste Products

Drowning in a Sea of Waste?

Are you suffering from a facility that can no longer handle the capacity and demand of your current operations?

You don’t have time to stress over BOD, COD and TSS (or even care what they are, for that matter). Buildup from biosolids and waste effluent leads to odor-causing bacteria and a myriad of other headaches.

For over a decade, Southland Organics has eliminated odors, liquified solids and erased biofilm in waste applications through products that accelerate digestion and oxygenate sources.

"Wonderful product, easy to use and great results would highly recommend." —Larry

Odor Control
Odor Control
Odor Control

Safe and Effective Waste Management

Waste buildup just happens. Over time, it has to be handled. Solutions are often costly, messy and frustrating. But the best way to get rid of waste is to actually make it go away.

At Southland Organics, we treat odor not by pumping or covering it with harsh chemicals, but by eliminating the waste itself. This gets to the true source of the waste, instead of pushing off the issue again and again with conventional products that only address short-term problems.

Fight harmful bacteria with beneficial bacteria

Many parks, facilities and manufacturing operations across the country have turned to Southland Organics and our powerful solutions for aeration and digestion. Our products have been trusted for waste management from coast to coast by units of the National Park Service, Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation and the Army Corp of Engineers.

By implementing our easy-to-use regimen, you can enjoy:

  • Accelerated digestion
  • Solids liquefaction
  • H2S scavenging, which leads to less odor
  • Oxygenation of cesspools
  • Improved biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD) and total 
suspended solids (TSS)

Eliminate Waste the Natural Way

Science fundamentals are the solution. There are beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria, and waste facilities deal with a LOT of the harmful stuff. We add good bacteria directly to wastewater—with active microbes that occur in nature—to break through the harmful microbes’ defenses, make way for oxygen and eat the solids away.

Add years between pumpings by efficiently and effectively breaking down solids and opening up drain lines.

How are Southland Organics Products Different?

  • Eliminate odors instead of simply covering them up with heavy fragrances
  • Digest difficult compounds that are toxic to naturally occurring bacteria and existing sewage bacteria
  • Break down difficult detergents, fats, oils, tissue and hydrocarbons
  • Reduce corrosion that results from leaching hydrogen sulfide
  • Non-corrosive, non-pathogenic and safe to handle
  • Eliminate the need for carbon sources such as wood chips
  • Made in the USA
  • Environmentally friendly

Control Odor

Our products control hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan odors emitted from portable toilets and holding tanks. The substrate functions by blocking the pathways of
sulfide-producing compounds.

Digest Difficult Compounds

Our products contain bacterial strains that digest difficult and non- biodegradable compounds such as detergents, paper, oil, grease, hydrocarbons and phenols.

Environmentally Friendly

Our products promote the natural composting process and increase microbial activity after use. With our outdoor treatments, you help protect the environment.

Unlike any other bio-formulation, our waste product, PORT, contains bacterial strains which actually digest difficult and non-biodegradable compounds such as detergents, paper, oil, grease, hydrocarbons and phenols. PORT bio-formulation provides exceptional results controlling hydrogen sulfide and other mercaptan odors emitted from the holding tanks. Our substrate is an organic product that controls sulfide odors by blocking the pathways of sulfide-producing compounds. Our waste formula is also unique in that it contains micro and macro-nutrients that accelerate microbial activity, growth and performance. PORT is effective for septic tanks, portable toilets, pit toilets and vault toilets.

Alpet D2 Sanitizing wipes
Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizing Wipes from $ 22.50
Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizing Wipes are a ready-to-use, no-rinse, lintless wiping system for food contact and non-food contact surfaces. Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizing Wipes are available in a heavy duty 90-count wipe canister as well as a 160-count canister with thinner wipes. As with all Best Sanitizers wiping systems, the spring-loaded lid closes on its own to prevent the drying of wipes, helping to eliminate unnecessary waste. Clean and sanitize with one product Sanitizes food contact and non-food contact surfaces Kills 99.999% of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Salmonella enterica (formerly typhimurium) and Listeria monocytogenes as a food contact surface sanitizer Kills 99.9% of tested pathogens in 10 seconds as a non-food contact surface sanitizer 58% IPA/quat formula Ideal for water-sensitive equipment NSF listed D2 classification Kosher, Pareve and Halal certified   Looking for a highly evaporative spray? Check out the Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizer Spray and Alpet D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer Spray.
Ignition Compost Starter 2.5 gallon jug
Ignition | Compost Starter and Garden Rejuvenator from $ 20.00
Ignition accelerates the decomposition process, turning dead matter into life-giving fuel. Use Ignition on your compost piles to accelerate the composting process, or apply it directly to your soil to create a vibrant environment for a flourishing garden. Benefits of Ignition: Naturally-derived compost starter Easy-to-use liquid formula Manufactured in the United States Fast-acting Provides beneficial microbes for healthier, living compost Contains no synthetic nitrogens Decays organic materials and garden waste for faster results   
PORT Holding Tank Treatment 2.5 Gallon
PORT | Holding Tank Treatment from $ 18.00
PORT is a powerful outdoor restroom and holding tank treatment that provides rapid waste degradation and odor control. PORT efficiently and effectively breaks down solid waste, clears bio-solids in septic systems and opens up clogged pipes, often adding years between tank pumping. Benefits of PORT: Eliminates unpleasant odors rather than simply covering them up with perfumes or fragrances Harmless to human, animal and marine life Digests difficult compounds toxic to naturally occurring beneficial bacteria or existing sewage bacteria Breaks down difficult detergents, fats, oils, tissue and hydrocarbons with biological additives Reduces corrosion resulting from leaching hydrogen sulfide Non-corrosive and non-pathogenic Safe to handle and store Free from harsh chemicals PORT is also available in ourPour the PORT Septic Tank Treatment Subscription.    PORT is a USDA Certified Biobased Product®. This means that it's made of primarily biological products and therefore considered an alternative to petroleum-derived products by the USDA. Southland Organics is fully registered with SAM.gov Entity ID: L9GTYJCHK2Q5
Septic Tank Treatment Program
Pour the PORT | Septic Tank Treatment Subscription $ 28.00 $ 40.00
Pour the PORT is a simple septic tank treatment subscription program to maintain your septic system. Every four months, you will receive four bottles of PORT. You will receive one quart and three 8 ounce bottles. Upon arrival, simply pour the quart down your drain or toilet. After the initial application, pour one 8 ounce bottle down your drain or toilet each month. The quart will shock the system, and the 8 ounce bottles will maintain a happy system. Benefits of Pour the PORT: Breaks down human waste and toilet paper easily Uses beneficial bacteria—not harsh chemicals—to break down waste Eliminates unpleasant odors instead of covering them up with chemical additives Keeps your drain field safe for your pets and kids to play in PORT is also available outside of the subscription program in larger sizes. Shop more PORT options here.    PORT is a USDA Certified Biobased Product®. This means that it's made of primarily biological products and therefore considered an alternative to petroleum-derived products by the USDA.
Pure B.S. Bio Surfactant
Pure B.S. (Bio Surfactant) $ 21.00
Pure B.S. (Bio Surfactant) is an environmentally safe and user-friendly drain treatment formulated to eliminate buildup of solids. By eliminating solids, drains can be kept free of organic matter that cause clogs and odor and attract drain flies. The base of Pure B.S. is a biological surfactant produced by Bacillus bacteria, which makes it both non-corrosive and non-hazardous.  Pure B.S. is sold in a bettix quart for easy measuring. Benefits of Pure B.S.: Keeps drains flowing Removes buildup from fats, oils, grease and sugar Prevents drain flies by removing their food source Eliminates odors
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