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How Our Crops Products Work

Plant Health is Rooted in the Soil.

Getting to the root of soil health is a big task, but it requires a microscopic solution. When plants and crops don't have the nutrients they need in the soil, they can't perform to their full potential. Addressing crop health from a biological perspective can establish a strong foundation for resilient, bountiful plants to thrive in the long term.

A lack of nutrients can be detrimental for your plants and crops.

Humic Acid Crops
Humic Acid Crops
Humic Acid Crops

Healthy Crops for the Long Run

Healthy plants come from healthy soil. When your soil is weak, your plants and crops suffer. Don't just deliver short-term results by pumping the soil with too much nitrogen and unnatural amounts of nutrients. While this may seem to make a difference quickly, it hurts plants, the soil and the environment in the long run. Give your soil a sustainable source of nutrients that creates truly healthy, resilient crops.

We feed the soil,
that feeds the plants,
that grow the food,
that feeds the family.

We understand farms and crops. We know the science. We believe thriving plants are rooted in the soil.

For more than a decade, we have helped professionals and homeowners nationwide overcome challenges with their crops. We revive dead soil so you can grow stronger roots and build healthier crops and plants.

Whether you're fighting disease or trying to achieve a higher yield, we’re here to help. Our products are all-natural, so you can rest assured that you are protecting wildlife, families, pets and the environment as you improve your soil.

Strengthen your Crops from the Ground Up

Dead soil indicates that there isn't much life happening under the ground. We work to restore life to the soil by feeding it rich, biologically active carbon, living microbes and organic acids.

Our products aren't some Miracle Juice that make it appear as if your crops are thriving. We deliver long-term benefits to your soil that support your plants' health through and through. With Southland Organics, here's what you can expect:

High Yields and Quality Crops

Southland Organics was started from a passion for agriculture. Achieving higher yields and increased crop performance starts in the soil. Whether you are a commercial row crop farmer or a backyard gardener, our all-natural products revitalize dead soil to create an environment where plants can thrive. Taking care of our soil is taking care of future generations.

Replenished Soil and Restored Carbon

Our products are rich in Humic and Fulvic acids. These acids break up soil tension even in the most compacted soils. Humic acid penetrates the surface layer to deliver oxygen to the root zone. Strong roots depend on oxygen so they can grow stronger and work more efficiently at collecting nutrients. Our products have active carbon in them so that as soon as they're applied, they support life in the soil. Carbon is the ultimate macronutrient.

Increased Nutrient Uptake

Having good bacteria in the soil is vital for a plant's ability to uptake nutrients. In a process called chelation, bacteria exchange food sources with plant roots. The conversion of these nutrients is boosted by the help of a rich source of Humic and Fulvic acid. These soil acids help change the charge of elements in the soil so they are attracted to the plant root. The plant, in turn, uptakes these nutrients and uses them as fuel to grow stronger, better crops.

Better Resistance to Drought and Disease

During some growing seasons, a lack of water can be detrimental to a farmer. Hot summers can even put a strain on small-scale gardens. Dead soil lacks the ability to retain water, but it has been proven that soil rich in organic matter increases water retention. Building a healthy soil environment also promotes stronger, healthier plants. A healthy plant is less susceptible to disease.

Benefits of Soil Amendments

We address plant health by nourishing the soil- that's why we make and stand behind our soil amendments. Soil amendments are unique in their many benefits:
  • Maximize performance and increase yield
  • Improve water retention and discourage runoff by improving the tilth of the soil
  • Prevent nutrient loss from leaching and help the soil absorb and hold nutrients
  • Increase the porosity of soil
  • Make fertilizers and other nutrients more effective by increasing uptake
  • Increase cation exchange in the soil
  • Reduce the cost of fertilization by decreasing the loss from the soil and increasing crop yield naturally
  • Restore the natural balance of microbes

Carbon and nitrogen are part of nature’s design to turn things that are dead into something that can be used as life-giving fuel. Fertilizer is packed with nitrogen. Carbon naturally occurs to help convert elements that cannot be used on their own, like nitrogen, into food for plants.

Carbon can be thought of as the fuel that propels the soil engine. The microbes in the soil are the workers. They have the important job of breaking down soil nutrients into plant-ready food. Every soil nutrient and mineral requires microbes to process them into a usable form.

Soil that is consistently farmed and given lots of fertilizer needs extra help keeping the natural carbon balance necessary to make the most of the food given to plants.

Our products add biologically active, organic carbon and organic acids to balance the ratio and help accelerate the process, so you make the most of your fertilizer and get high yields and top quality crops!

Organic Compost Starter 2.5 gal
Compost Starter 🔥 Ignition Garden Rejuvenator from $ 20.00
Ignition Soil Rejuvenator accelerates the decomposition process, turning dead matter into life-giving fuel. Use on compost piles to accelerate the process or apply directly to soil and create a vibrant environment so your crops can flourish! Organic compost starter Easy-to-use liquid formula Manufactured in the United States Liquid compost accelerator Fast-acting, 100% organic formula to meet all gardening needs Provides billions of microorganisms for healthier, living compost Contains no animal products or synthetic nitrogens Aggressively decays organic materials for more abundant, faster results
All Natural Pest Control
Defender Natural Insecticide $ 170.00
Defender is safe for people, pets, plants and the environment. This all-natural insecticide works against mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, ants and many more insects. It is a contact kill, pheromone interrupter and will disrupt future egg cycles. Defender is sold in a 2.5 gallon size.  Kills insects on contact Disrupts future egg cycles Helps prevent pests from returning
Humic Acid Fertilizer 2.5 gal
FertALive from $ 18.00
FertALive is a humic acid fertilizer for professional level yard and garden care, based on Chilean nitrate, PSBs and KSBs. This stable and reliable source of nutrients enhances conventional fertility programs and helps crops and turf meet their full quality potential. Delivers highly effective nutrition to row crops, vegetable gardens and lawns Prompts fast-acting uniform growth Enhances conventional fertility programs
Organic Soil Conditioner 2.5 gal
Jump Start Soil Conditioner from $ 16.00
Jump Start will restore dead soil to healthy, fertile conditions for higher crop yield. This liquid soil conditioner uses organic acids to break up compacted soils. It frees up nutrients and aerates, increasing crop yields, seed germination and overall plant vitality. Improves soil structure Increases water holding capacity Increases uptake of soil nutrients Helps fight disease
Fish Fertilizer 2.5 gal
Liquid Fish Fertilizer from $ 15.00
Liquid Fish Hydrolysate is an all-organic, highly nutritional fish fertilizer for plants. It is made from only the freshest fish sourced from crisp mountain streams and the cold waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean. Our organic liquid fish fertilizer is ideal for organic production, as well as conventional growers. Cold water processed leaving the nutrients unharmed for plants Boosts growth Vastly improves soil structure Grows beneficial bacteria and fungi for better nutrient and moisture retention that roots need Helps keep the nitrogen in the soil to be released when roots need it Increases top soil over time Long shelf life
all natural weed killer 2.5 gal
Torched All Natural Weed Killer from $ 49.00
Torched is a fast-acting solution that eliminates weeds without the use of dangerous chemicals. Non-selective and highly effective, it even works on stubborn, glyphosate-resistant weeds like marestail and dog fennel. It is FIFRA 25-B Exempt and safe to spray around animals. Kills from leaves to root Fast-acting solution Safe to spray around garden beds, greenhouses, and poultry houses All-natural Free from harmful chemicals
Compost Tea Concentrate 2.5 gal
Ultimate Tea from $ 18.00
Ultimate Tea uses organic acids and biologically active carbon to help boost crop yield. This cold-water extracted foliar spray adds the beneficial bacteria, fungi and protozoa that your crops need to fight off disease, absorb more nutrients and thrive. Delivers vital organic matter and energy to plants Improves nutrient uptake by plants' roots Strengthens soil microbes and beneficial microorganisms Reduces chemical fertilizer requirements because plants become more effective at utilizing nutrients Provides natural food source for microorganisms Protects plants from disease

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