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We have been helping growers with the biosecurity of their farms for more than 10 years. We have created this platform to share poultry farmer resources, placing the focus on the health and biosecurity of commercial poultry. Our content aims to help farmers and integrators fight the invisible to maximize performance and increase production.

Poultry Biosecurity

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Poultry Biosecurity is the educational arm of Southland Organics' Poultry service team. Our dedicated professionals care about helping poultry farmers not just survive in the new poultry environment, but thrive. We want to know and share the truth about the microscopic world that affects your birds and business. That is why we are constantly conducting studies, producing helpful videos and blogs, and assisting growers all over the nation. In fact, we have helped thousands gain greater livability and performance, from pullets to broilers to layers.

Find more educational content on the Southland Organics Poultry Biosecurity blog and our YouTube channel. Connect with a dedicated Poultry Specialist at any time and join our Poultry Biosecurity community by following along on our Facebook page.

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