Southland Stories

"I just successfully finished my first year of growing commercial chickens and Southland Organics has become one of the keys that has helped me effectively raise a chicken. I came in contact with Allen, who goes above and beyond to explain their products and answer any questions, but who also makes videos with helpful advice that will benefit all chicken farmers.

So how has Southland Organics changed my life? I am heard because they listen and they have gone the extra mile to give me support and excellent customer service. Since using Southland Organics products I have placed in the top five in my last three flocks. But the most beneficial thing about using their products are the birds are lively, healthy and HAPPY!

I give God all the glory for my success and I am blessed because he gave me ears to hear the words that would become a part of my success, SOUTHLAND ORGANICS! I hope all who read this hear the words I heard that has changed the lives of my birds, helping to make me a successful chicken farmer."


"Southland Organics resolved ALL of our concerns surrounding our hens! Some hens' shells were weak so we added Hen Helper, problem solved! Our flock got pesky mites so we treated them with Desecticide, problem solved! The Backyard Poultry Bundle provided overall nourishment for our flock, which is seen in their beautiful feathers and abundant eggs."

—Meredith S.

"I began using Southland Organics’ products 4 1/2 years ago. I wouldn’t dare grow chickens without them! Our chickens thrive. 

The Big Ole Bird has increased livability in our chickens substantially. My chickens are healthier, heartier, and they live longer. I have the best mortality of any other growers around! The Mother Load apple cider vinegar makes the water more palatable for the chickens, and they want to drink more of it! We all know that the more water chickens drink, the better they grow. And I can’t say enough about the Litter Life. My chicken litter is the best litter around and I literally have farmers fighting for it to put it on their fields in the spring. My litter is dry, it’s easy to prefert, and my chickens are healthier with very little occurrence of coccidia.

They ask what I do to grow such a great birds, and I tell them. Thank you, Southland, for your wonderful products! I’ll never stop using you."

—Jody S. 

"We have a sweet little organic farm that we grow about an acre of food, give or take. In our back pasture we had Johnson Grass. Between the animals, our pond that the grass was growing so thickly around and because the use of chemicals is not an option for us…we had to find something that would work to rid us of this grass.

You see we had already tried the usuals, and all the home remedy ideas. We were kind of at our last option having to pull out every blade of grass on a 3 acre pasture by hand.

Then one day I just so happened to get an email from Southland organics. It was introducing Torched made to rid you of unwanted weeds and grasses. To our surprise, it killed all of our Johnson grass thick and thin.

We will continue to use this product to keep potential harmful things away from our animals and make our life a little more beautiful without unsightly weeds. Thanks Southland!"

—Chrissy D.

"We started using Southland Organics bout 4 months ago and we have seen a weight increase in our broilers and also our liveablity has been less than 3%. All the houses are even and our feed conversion has gotten better by using Big Ole Bird Probiotics and the Mother Load Apple Cider Vinegar. We will keep using these products!"

—Robert T.

We lead by our core values:
Think Big and Become
Serve With Purpose
Lead The Way

Southland Organics was born from passion.

Our passion is for sustainable agriculture, gardening, waste management and beautiful turf. We love the great outdoors and share a growing global commitment to a sustainable world. We strive to care for the earth as we use its amazing resources as recreational therapy, and we appreciate that sustainable farming is one of life's greatest treasures.

Agriculture is a "language" spoken in every culture. By making this "language" all-natural, we support a significant cultural revolution. We need to take a stand and promote diversity and biodiversity instead of chemical toxins and environmental waste.

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Small Batch Production

By using small batch production, Southland Organics ensures that you get the freshest product with the highest quality.


Southland Organics makes scientifically-proven products that feed the soil, that feeds the plants, that grow the food, that feeds the family.



At Southland Organics, our top-notch customer service experts are here to happily serve and help you.

Southland University

Southland Organics offers educational information on all products for bioremediation, poultry health, plants, crops, lawn and turf.


Small Business

Southland Organics is a small business comprised of employees who are passionate about their customers and business.

Made in the USA

100% sourced and made in the USA, Southland Organics products are home grown and proud of it.

Popular Products
Big Ole Bird Review
Big Ole Bird | Probiotics for Poultry from $ 43.00
Big Ole Bird is a powerhouse of poultry probiotics, organic acids and biologically active carbon that strengthens your birds’ natural defense system from within. Scientifically proven to improve overall poultry health, these flock-changing ingredients work together to increase performance. Studies have shown that Big Ole Bird: Improves weight gain Improves feed conversion Decreases mortality Improves resistance to pathogens and disease Improves gut health Aids in nutrient absorption Boosts the immune system Learn more about Big Ole Bird's ingredients.     
Mother Load ACV for Poultry 2.5 gal
Mother Load | Apple Cider Vinegar for Chickens from $ 21.00
Mother Load is raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar for chickens infused with garlic. Designed to boost your birds' overall health, Mother Load aids in digestion, keeps the GI tract healthy, tightens the gut and provides bacteria that support poultry development. Through the benefits of garlic and apple cider vinegar, Mother Load: Keeps the body in balance Boosts flock's immune system Promotes healthy mucus flow Tightens the gut May assist with cocci Learn how to use our products for healthy backyard birds. Mother Load is also available in our Backyard Poultry Bundle.
Catalyst Poultry Vitamins
Catalyst | Poultry Vitamin Powder Supplement $ 38.00
Catalyst is a highly absorbable powder packed with specially formulated, poultry-specific essential vitamins and minerals. To maximize performance, we recommend using Catalyst, our poultry vitamin supplement, with Big Ole Bird, our poultry probiotics. Designed to help promote overall health in poultry, Catalyst improves vitamin levels which have shown to improve leg and bone development, feather quality, heart health, skin health and blood health. With Catalyst, a little goes a long way! This 800g bag is great for folks who have commercial or other large-scale poultry operations. For backyard flocks, check out our Liquid Formula for greater small-scale efficiency. Benefits of Catalyst: Highly absorbable powder High concentration of vitamins per serving Does not clog drinker lines Easily dissolves in solution Boosts immunity Improves heart, skin and blood health
Torched Weed Killer 2.5 Gallon
Torched | Weed Killer from $ 74.00
Torched is a grass and weed killer derived from natural ingredients. It is designed for use on non-selective broadleaf weeds and grasses in driveways, sidewalks, gardens and flower beds. Torched is proudly made in the USA and is safe for people, pets and the planet when used as directed! Safety Declaration This product is not registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency since it qualifies for exemption under FIFRA section 25(b) as a minimum risk pesticide. Caution Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact, rinse immediately with water and seek medical attention if irritation persists. Do not ingest. If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately. Storage Avoid direct sunlight. Store at temperatures above 40° F. Keep container tightly closed in a well-ventilated area. Store in original container in a cool, dry area away from children and pets. Dispose of contents and container in accordance with local regulations. Do not reuse empty container. If empty: Offer for recycling if available or discard in a sanitary landfill. If partly filled: Call your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions. Never place unused product down any indoor or outdoor drain.
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