Why humate soil conditioner?

The key to a thriving lawn or garden lies beneath the surface. Let's talk about the microscopic elements at work in healthy soil and why humate soil conditioner is the best option for creating your best soil yet.
why humate soil conditioner?

At Southland Organics, we focus on one specific type of soil conditioner: humate soil conditioner. This type of soil amendment is based on humus. The dark, rich substance is formed from the breakdown or organic matter and is excellent at enhancing soil's water-holding capacity and chelating nutrients. 



What is soil conditioner?

Soil conditioner is one of three main types of soil amendments. The other types of soil amendments are fertilizers and soil inoculants. Fertilizers provide nutrients, soil inoculants introduce beneficial biology and soil conditioners, like our Jump Start, enhance soil properties. 

Soil conditioners play a crucial role in repairing damaged soil and maintaining its quality for plant life. As time passes, soil compacts. Soil conditioners come to the rescue, breaking up compacted soil (even clay soil!) and replenishing essential nutrients. 

Humate Soil Conditioner

Humate soil conditioners, like Jump Start, are able to balance cation exchange capacity (CEC), which is the soil's ability to hold and release elements for plant nutrition. This ensures your soil provides the perfect environment for plants to grow. 

We prefer humate soil conditioners to inorganic soil conditioners because they include carbon, organic acids and beneficial biology that work with your lawn or garden to improve soil structure and restore the plant nutrients that have been lost.

Jump Start

Humate soil conditioner

Our humate soil conditioner, Jump Start, aerates the soil, chelates micronutrients and breaks up compacted clay soils. It strengthens plant roots, which creates greener and more drought-tolerant grass as well as heartier and healthier garden plants.

Jump Start also improves soil texture. Soil texture is important because it determines the success of plant growth. Poor soils typically have a bad soil texture and are often compact, but Jump Start can aerate and break up soils like this. Even sandy soils can benefit from Jump Start by receiving added nutrients that may otherwise leach through easily.

With organic soil conditioners like Jump Start, no harmful chemicals are included. This means that lawns and gardens are safe and healthy throughout the roots, soil and plants.

More benefits of Jump Start include:

  • Stabilizes soil pH

  • Creates better soil structure

  • Provides added beneficial biology to the root zone

Hear what our customers have to say!

"I've only just begun using this product, but have already seen incredible results! I cannot wait to see how this product continues to help in my gardening endeavors. It's affordable, easy to use and apply, and gives a peace of mind knowing it is organic. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is wanting to build their soil health!" —Jessi F.

"I've used Jump Start for two consecutive seasons, both on my lawn and farm. Its incredibly simple to apply and the results are quick and obvious! If you want healthy, sustainable soil that will require fewer amendments, give it a try!" —Chuck M.

Soil Testing

Testing your soil through accurate soil samples reveals exact data on the properties of your soil. You can test your lawn or garden soil to know its exact pH and how to optimize soil improvement, but it's not necessary. It's safe to use Jump Start without testing your soil first!

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Ready to transform your lawn and garden? Try out our humate soil conditioner, Jump Start. Your plants will thank you!

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