Helpful Gardening Tips for Beginners

Here are some beginner gardening tips to make sure you're on your way to the best spring garden in the neighborhood. 

Hello springtime! Now that we're starting to see warmer weather, it’s time to dig in and start planning the anticipated spring garden.

Here are some beginner gardening tips to make sure you're on your way to the best spring garden in the neighborhood.

  • Clean out the garden. Get rid of any weeds and remove debris. Garden clean-up should also include maintenance of the compost pile.
  • Revitalize the soil. Your soil is likely dried out and it may be thirsty. You should also think about adding an organic soil conditioner or fertilizer to increase the health of the soil and improve the life of your plants.
  • Prune old plants that may have lasted after the winter season to make way for fresh spring growth.
  • Once you have cleaned up your garden, it is time to put your attention to new plants or shrubs. Use local wisdom to guide your planning process. Many local extension offices have charts with recommended planting dates and spacing.

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About the Author

This blog was written by Mike Usry, the President of Southland Organics. Mike is an entrepreneur and soil enthusiast with a passion for educating on agriscience-based topics to help business owners and homeowners alike grow plants, turf, poultry and more. Mike received his Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Georgia and his MBA from the University of South Florida. The combination of his education and experience has given him a deep understanding of both business and the science behind our products. Mike founded Southland Organics in 2009. Learn more about Mike here.

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