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Did you know that chickens benefit from vitamin supplements just like you and me? Catalyst Poultry Vitamin is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement for chickens.
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Boost your roost with liquid chicken vitamins! Catalyst Poultry Vitamin supplement is specially formulated with poultry-specific vitamins and minerals that maximize bird health and boost immunity. Just like vitamins help keep you in your best health, Catalyst helps maximize your birds’ performance and happiness!

Our Catalyst liquid vitamin and mineral supplement is easy to apply to your coop waterers and even easier for your birds to absorb, especially when they’re using our Hen Helper poultry probiotic too. 

Download our guide on how to use Catalyst for healthy backyard chickens!

Although we originally sold Catalyst only in a powder formula, we now have a liquid formula specifically for backyard and free range chickens! Check it out here. Our Catalyst Poultry Vitamin liquid formula is easier to apply and more efficient for use with backyard chickens and small flocks. 



Vitamin Supplements for Chickens

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When it comes to getting essential vitamins, you and your chickens aren't so different. We can get some vitamins and minerals from our food, but it's helpful to take additional vitamins to cover all of the bases each day.

If you raise poultry for egg production, you know that a healthy chicken makes better eggs. Hens who lay white or brown eggs need vitamins in their diet to produce healthy eggs. Adding a nutritional supplement to your chickens' diet is the easiest way to ensure your hens are getting the vitamins they need to support egg production.

If you're seeing poor growth, poor feathering or weight loss in a chicken, it's possible that (among other health issues) they're experiencing a deficiency of essential vitamins.

Our liquid Catalyst Poultry Vitamin supplement has incredible benefits for chicken health:

  • Promotes healthy leg and bone development

  • Boosts immunity

  • Supports heart, skin and blood health

  • High concentration of vitamins per serving

  • Improves overall health

  • Easy to apply to chicken coop waterers

  • Highly absorbable for hens' bodies

Can chickens get a vitamin and mineral deficiency?

It's absolutely possible for chickens to experience a vitamin deficiency. Just like you and me, the best way to fix a lack of essential vitamins is through a vitamin supplement!

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All the required vitamins for healthy chickens can be supplied through a combination of a good feed diet and vitamin supplements. While we do not manufacture any poultry feed, we can help out with the vitamins and minerals!

Poor nutrition in poultry can cause health problems with noticeable symptoms such as poor growth and thin-shelled eggs. A vitamin deficiency can even hurt egg production in hens!

Of course, if you witness serious health problems in a chicken, you should go to the vet. They can provide veterinary advice for emergencies and poultry with serious diseases. However, vitamins and minerals are a great way to maintain general flock health. They can help prevent disease through boosting the immune system, but are not to be used as a medicine.

Though important, there's only so much vitamins alone can do for poultry. It's still important for your chickens to get a balanced diet! It's essential for hens get other nutrients through their regular feed, other food and snacks.

Think of it this way- if you took a daily multivitamin but only ate junk food, you still wouldn't be a very healthy person. A chicken diet is similar. Vitamins are necessary for complete nutrition, but so is healthy feed!

Why give chickens vitamin and mineral supplements?

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Chickens require fatty acids, amino acids, water-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins to have the strongest immune system possible. Like we mentioned above, this combination comes through proper feed choice and supplements of essential vitamins.

It's clear that vitamins and minerals can boost the well being of your free range backyard flock! With Catalyst, it's as simple as adding the product to your coop waterers. The presence of Catalyst does not prevent hens from drinking- they don't mind the taste at all.

Why vitamins and minerals are essential

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For example, Vitamin K 2 helps birds’ bodies process Calcium and Vitamin D. It also promotes blood health. You can give your birds heavy doses of Vitamin D and calcium in their diet, but without enough K 2, their bodies simply don’t have what they need to use it. This would lead to poor shell quality, a drop in egg production, brittle bones and other health issues.

Birds that take Catalyst have better leg and bone development and healthier hearts, skin and blood. Folic acid is included in Catalyst  to encourage feather growth and reproductive health and prevent poor feathering. Vitamin D 3 improves shell quality and bone health. Biotin prevents dermatitis around the eyes and on the feet. And that is just to name a few of the benefits! 

What's included in our liquid Catalyst vitamin supplement

Catalyst includes vitamins that are both water-soluble and fat-soluble. Most vitamins and minerals that chickens need are included, but like we mentioned, feed is important for complete nutrition.


Vitamin A.................16,000,000 IU

Vitamin D3.................3,000,000 IU

Vitamin E........................20,000 IU

Riboflavin.....................2,000.0 mg

Folic Acid........................500.0 mg

Thiamine HCL...............1,200.0 mg

Biotin...............................75.0 mg

d-Panthothenic Acid.....16,000.0 mg

MSBC (Vitamin K 3)........8000.0 mg

Ascorbic Acid...............20,000.0 mg

Although Catalyst does not include calcium, the K 2 in Catalyst is essential for calcium to be absorbed. Calcium is included in good chicken feed.

How to use Catalyst Liquid Vitamin Supplements for chickens

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The vitamins and minerals in liquid Catalyst keep your birds feeling their best! To apply Catalyst as a liquid formula, just add a quarter teaspoon per gallon of your birds’ fresh drinking water once a week. 

This is our formulated ration for the liquid version of Catalyst. If you've used the powder version of Catalyst in the past, you'll notice this application rate is different.

We recommend using Catalyst at the same time as Hen Helper. Since Hen Helper increases nutrient uptake, your birds will get even more benefit from Catalyst when they drink them at the same time!

Chickens require different nutrients depending on their age, but if you're growing chicks, you can still use Catalyst with them. It's never too early to give your birds vitamins!

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Our other chicken supplements 

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When you combine Catalyst with our other chicken supplements, you can cover all backyard flocks' nutritional needs! Learn more about our products and backyard flock nutrition here.

Catalyst Liquid Formula is part of our Backyard Poultry Bundle. This bundle includes our 3 most popular products for backyard flocks at a discounted bundle price.   

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