Get Rid of Weeds with Torched All-Natural Weed Killer

Our all-natural weed killer, Torched, is non-selective and highly effective against those pesky weeds in your coop, yard or garden.
Torched All Natural Weed Killer

Our all-natural weed killer, Torched, is non-selective and highly effective against those pesky weeds in your coop, yard or garden. As a post-emergence natural herbicide, Torched quickly and effectively kills existing weeds in an environmentally friendly way—meaning it kills weeds without the use of any harsh or toxic chemicals.



Torched vs. DIY Weed Killers

Torched natural weed killers

Developing a natural alternative to glyphosate weed killers was a real challenge. Most homeowners and environmentally conscious landscapers have been forced to rely on homemade formulas that consist of mixing dish soap, vinegar, acetic acid, table salt and boiling water in a spray bottle. These recipes are often more dangerous and toxic than people realize. Let's break down some of the ingredients.

DIY Weed Killer Ingredients

Vinegar and acetic acid should only be used under specific safety precautions.

Boiling water

Vinegar is a great multipurpose product, but regular white vinegar solution is typically too weak to do much damage to plants. While 5% vinegar can work, 8% vinegar or higher is needed to really make an effective weed killer. High percentage vinegar should be dealt with extreme caution, and you should always wear protective gear.

Boiling water is simple, but it requires much more time and risk than spraying a concentrate like Torched. Why boil water and walk back and forth from your kitchen to your vegetable garden when you can just spray one product on your soil?

While these natural recipes are admirable, they do little to keep those unwanted weeds at bay and can cost you a lot of time, money and added risk. That's where Torched comes in.

Kill Weeds the Safe and Natural Way

Weeds that need the best organic weed killers

Highly effective and easy to use, our proprietary blend of essential oils and soaps is classified as a FIFRA 25-B Exempt pesticide. FIFRA stands for the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, which guides pesticide regulation to ensure their safety.

This classification from the Environmental Protection Agency is only given to pesticides that adhere to a list of ingredients which are “generally regarded as safe" (GRAS) in terms of the environment and the consumer.

With non-toxic weed killers like Torched, you can rest assured that your weed killer doesn't contain harsh chemicals, making it safe not only for the environment but also for your family and pets. Chemical herbicides cannot give you this peace of mind.

Simple Ingredients

Torch weeds with the best organic weed killer

While DIY weed killer recipes involve intricate concoctions and unnecessary risks, Torched is a safe proprietary blend of essential oils and soaps, with each ingredient selected for a specific purpose.

Unlike other brands, like natural armor weed killer, we are happy to fully disclose our ingredients and how they work.

Our non-toxic weed killer contains clove oil, which in part serves to damage the exterior of plant foliage.

We call this initial damage the “burn” that lights the torch. The burn makes it possible for the remaining soaps and salts to then kill the stubborn weeds by attacking their root systems.

Learn more about Torched.

Recommendations for Best Results

Applying Torched is simple. Just shake the product well before you use it. Then, mix 10 oz per gallon of water and pour the diluted mixture into your sprayer of choice!  

Kill weeds with all-natural weed killer

When to Use 

You’ll get the best results if you spray when weeds are still actively growing. We recommend applying Torched on a dry and sunny day, preferably 60 degrees or warmer, to allow the product to burn the leaf and penetrate the soil. This combination causes desiccation of the entire plant to ensure that it not only dies, but that plant life around it will not come back.

It is also a good idea to spray on calm days with minimal wind. This will reduce the chances of overspray and help protect your more desirable plants.

How to Apply

If you're using a hose end sprayer, set the sprayer nozzle to the “spray” setting and hold the nozzle 6 inches away from the desired area.

Broadleaf weeds

Directly spray the area and the entire plant but not to the point of run-off.

Re-treat hard-to-kill weeds after five days if needed. While Torched is a natural product that is non-toxic, non-residual and safe for your soil, there is evidence that it stunts future growth for 20 days after application. The solution is ideal to apply to garden weeds, perennial weeds, weed seeds and small weeds.


You should see clear results within a few days. If you have a particularly stubborn area, reapply about 7 days after the initial application. If it rains within 24 hours of your initial spray, it’ll be best for you to reapply.

Before and after Torched natural weed killer

Non-Selective Formula

If you’re spraying close to your desirable plants, be sure to cover them with cardboard or plastic to protect them. As a non-selective weed killer, Torched is powerful and doesn’t play favorites! If you do accidentally spray on nearby plants that you don’t want to die, immediately and thoroughly rinse the plants and the surrounding area with water.

Healthy lawn

Many weed killers out there are simply not safe, and many home remedies just don’t work. Unlike chemical weed killers that kill plants with toxic ingredients, Torched takes the stress out of weed control and elimination by burning plants with natural oils and soaps.

When weeds sprout up, spray away and rest assured that you’ll knock them out without risking the health of your kids, pets or the environment! 

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