Perfect Gifts for People with Chickens

Our poultry products make the perfect gift for the chicken lover in your life! Whether they're keeping chickens for the farm fresh eggs or the good company, chicken keepers will love these great gift ideas that will boost their roost.

perfect gifts for chicken lovers

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Treat the Chicken Lover in Your Life

chicken lover gifts

Many of us have a chicken lover in our life. You know these folks are wild about their backyard chickens and will do anything for them! From shiplap and a chicken swing in their chicken coop to personalized egg cartons to celebrating their backyard chickens' birthdays, your chicken loving friend gets so much joy out of taking care of their flock.

We understand your chicken loving friends. We respect the crazy chicken lady, and we get how much she loves chickens. That's why we manufacture poultry health supplements. We are chicken people, too! Chickens need extra nutrients to live their healthiest and happiest lives, and Southland Organics' poultry products are the best way to deliver these nutrients- naturally!

And luckily for you, they make great gifts for chicken lovers. 

Chicken Keepers Want Healthy Flocks

gifts for chicken keepers

Our poultry products are the perfect gift idea for your favorite chicken lady because they help her have the healthiest flock possible. Most chicken keepers prefer all-natural products for their small flock of backyard birds. Southland Organics' poultry supplements are all-natural and organic, designed to strengthen chicken health and egg production from the inside out.

How our Products Work

Our chicken products work with three main ingredients: carbon, organic acids and beneficial microbes. These ingredients strengthen overall chicken health and immunity, plus they help hens produce higher quality eggs, more often by boosting gut health. We also have products that clean birds' digestive systems and provide them with essential nutrients so they can thrive.

Read on to take a look at each of these products and choose the best gifts for chicken lovers in your life!

The Perfect Addition to Any Chicken Coop

Hen Helper Poultry Probiotic

Hen Helper chicken gifts

Hen Helper is our staple product for free range chicken health. Your chicken keeper friend will love the health benefits it offers to their chickens!

Hen Helper aids in nutrient and vitamin absorption, which improves shell quality and cleanliness so that you get firmer shells and healthier chicks. You can also expect improved egg production, since Hen Helper has been shown to keep hens in peak longer.

Additionally, all the good bacteria in this product helps chickens' digestive health, helps fight off bad bacteria that cause diseases and supports a balanced diet. Aside from these health benefits, Hen Helper can also help improve chicken feed conversion.

Learn more and purchase here!


Catalyst Poultry Vitamin

poultry vitamin chicken gifts

With Catalyst, chicken lovers can rest assured their chickens are getting all the essential vitamins they need.

Catalyst maximizes the health and boosts the immune system of your flock. Birds that take Catalyst have better leg and bone development as well as cardiovascular health, skin health and blood health. Catalyst vitamin supplements come in a convenient, 8 oz. bottle that you can easily pour into your coop's waterers. 

Catalyst chicken vitamins include all the necessary water soluble vitamins and minerals to support an overall healthy immune system for chickens. Our vitamin supplement for chickens includes vitamins A, vitamin D 3, vitamin E, vitamin K 3, and Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Thiamine HCL, Biotin, d-Panthothenic Acid and ascorbic acid.

You’ll get the best results when you use Catalyst alongside our Hen Helper Poultry Probiotic, which allows for maximum nutrient absorption. 

Learn more and purchase here!


Mother Load Apple Cider Vinegar + Garlic

apple cider vinegar for chicken gifts

Many chicken keepers are well aware of the benefits of apple cider vinegar and garlic to their chickens. Many chicken lovers will even crush garlic on their own to mix with apple cider vinegar and give to their chickens! That takes a lot of chicken love.

Now, chicken keepers can get the same benefits hands-free with Mother Load! This product is raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar infused with powdered garlic. Birds love the taste of the vinegar and garlic mix, so they are happy to drink their water when Mother Load is in it.

Mother Load has antiviral and antibacterial properties, so promotes digestive health, and it helps increase immunity. On top of all that, the acetic acid bacteria is a probiotic, which means it has good bacteria that fights bad bacteria in the gut, helping prevent disease.

We call our apple cider vinegar for poultry “Mother Load.” This is because it includes the “mother,” which is the element of vinegar that has the most health benefits. For specific details on Mother Load and apple cider vinegar's benefits for chickens, read our blog here.

Learn more and purchase here!


Desecticide Chicken Mite Treatment

chicken mite treatment chicken keeper gift

A passionate chicken lover will be dismayed to see mites on their chickens. Not only do they make chickens uncomfortable, but they can be a real pain in the tail feathers to get rid of!

Bugs like chicken mites can prove to be a threat to your flock, and handling them in a safe, responsible way can be challenging. Desecticide kills resistant darkling beetles, lesser mealworms, bed bugs, mites, fleas and ticks on poultry without the use of toxic chemicals.

It can be used during any bird growth stage, and bugs do not build resistance to it. It’s also safe to use around pets, children and your garden!

Learn more and purchase here!


Litter Life Chicken Coop Floor Conditioner

chicken coop floor conditioner chicken keeper gift

As we like to say, a healthy floor is a healthy bird! Chicken coop floors can provide the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria. What better way to fight harmful bacteria than with beneficial bacteria?

Litter Life is one of the first chicken supplements we sold. It adds organic acids and carbon to the ground of your coop, speeding up the natural breakdown of litter to give your birds a drier, healthier foundation.

It also adds beneficial microbes into the mix to help defend your birds against harmful bacteria that cause big issues, like enteritis and dermatitis. Litter Life also extends your bedding’s life and combats the strong odors that can hide in your coop.

Learn more and purchase here!


The Most Egg-Citing Gift for Chicken Lovers: The Backyard Poultry Bundle

chicken lovers gift bundle

And now we have the perfect gifts for chicken lovers: Backyard Poultry Bundles! Our Backyard Poultry Bundle includes our top three products for constant backyard chicken care: Hen Helper, Mother Load and Catalyst.

These chicken supplements together provide complete backyard chicken care. Buying them together is the most cost-effective way for your chicken loving friend to try out all these chicken supplements!

This backyard bird bundle is also a great tool for backyard chicken keeping for beginners. Chicken keepers can start their first flock off right by helping them get the nutrients and gut care they need. All of these chicken supplements can be used with chicks and adult chickens!

This group of chicken supplements provides nutritional benefits to covers all the bases for a healthy flock. They're designed and recommended to be used together.

We recommend using Hen Helper and Catalyst as chicken supplements at the same time- why not save 20% by buying them together? While chicken keepers should increase their hens’ egg quality, they should be helping them clean their guts. That’s why we also recommend using Mother Load between Hen Helper and Catalyst doses.

With the backyard bird bundle, you save 20%, or $16, compared to buying the chicken supplements separately. This bundle makes a great coop-warming gift, but it's among the best gifts for chicken lovers for any occasion.

Learn more and purchase here!

For detailed instructions on how to use these products for your coop, check out our Backyard Poultry Dosing Chart.



What about ducks, peacocks and peafowl?

Your favorite chicken owner may also keep other birds in their backyard, like ducks, peacocks and peafowl. All of our poultry products can absolutely be used on these birds as well as chickens! Birds' bodies have a lot in common across the board, so the chicken products we discussed here will work similarly on any other birds chicken keepers may also own.

If you have any questions about buying our products as gifts for chicken lovers, please don't hesitate to reach out at 800-608-3755 or We are excited to help you find the perfect gift idea for the backyard chicken keepers in your life!

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