5 Things that make Poultry Farmers Say Huh?!

Have you ever received any unsolicited advice from another poultry grower? Or worse- have you been written up by a service tech for something that really makes you say... "huh?!"
poultry farmer jokes

Have you ever received any unsolicited advice from another poultry grower? Or worse- have you been written up by a service tech for something that really makes you say... "huh?!" Allen Reynolds is here to talk about a few of those things in this video. 




In honor of April 1st, we want to talk about a few things that poultry farmers get told sometimes that just seem like jokes. And you probably wish they were jokes!

1. Decreased Water Consumption because of Site Tubes

If you notice decreased water consumption in your houses, you may be told that this is because your site tubes aren't clean. Huh?! Well maybe... but check out our blog on Increasing Water Consumption instead. 

2. Drivers Spilling Feed is No Big Deal

For many poultry farmers, spilled feed on your gravel seems like a pain in the tail feathers. But didn't you know that the driver does this on purpose? That's right, spilling feed is actually the driver's way of helping you get your flock's weight up. When you clean up the feed from your gravel, surely a few rocks will make their way in. Rocks are heavier than feed, so this will help your birds' weight increase! Be sure to thank your driver for doing you this favor. 

3. Use More Foot Pan Powder to Decrease Mortality

If you're experiencing high mortality, you may be told that you need to be sure to use your foot pan powder. Using more powder makes a huge difference in your houses' mortality rate! Go ahead and give those boots a strong coating. Doubling your powder use can definitely be the difference in a mortality of 20 and 500 birds! And while you're at it, just put some of that foot pan powder behind both of your ears too. Just to be safe!

4. Mowing Your Lawn is Necessary 

The best way to grow a good bird is by keeping your lawn mowed! Cutting your grass is a one-stop-shop for increased feed conversion and decreased mortality. Nearly any poultry biosecurity issue can be solved with a nice lawn mower.

5. Drivers Swerve Because of Pot Holes 

You might be told that drivers swerve all across your property because you have potholes that need to be fixed. But that's not the case- drivers are really just trying to do you another favor! Usually, the grass on your dirt road is bit high. When drivers swerve onto your grass they're really just trying to press down that grass so you don't even need to cut it as often.

Plus, when the truck bounces all around, your feed will get more compacted from being jostled so much. This is great for feed conversion! 

We hope we've shed some light on the truth behind a few of these issues you may deal with.

Happy April Fools' Day!

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Allen Reynolds

Allen Reynolds

Poultry Sales Manager

This was written by Allen Reynolds, Southland Organics’ Poultry Sales Manager. Allen spent years working on poultry farms, from installing equipment to dumping chicks. He has been helping poultry farmers overcome obstacles since 2014, focusing on poultry farm strength in the antibiotic-free environment since 2017. He has traveled thousands of miles and worked closely with hundreds of farmers during his time with Southland Organics. Allen is known by even more farmers from the YouTube channel Poultry Biosecurity, where he regularly appears in videos that educate farmers on topics like bird health and farm business.

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Isabella (Izy) Dobbins

Marketing Manager

This was edited by Isabella (Izy) Dobbins, Southland Organics' Marketing Manager. Izy has devoted her education and career to communicating science-related topics. With an enthusiasm for sharing accurate and honest content relating to science and agriculture, she ensures Southland Organics' publications are as informative as they are interesting. Izy graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor's degree in advertising, minors in both Spanish and environmental health science and a Certificate in Sustainability. She has been working at Southland Organics since 2021.

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Izy Dobbins
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