A Word of Encouragement for Poultry Farmers Amidst COVID-19

Not just anyone could be a farmer, and it is becoming especially evident in the midst of this pandemic.

Not just anyone could be a farmer (contrary to a former presidential candidate’s statement earlier this year), and it is becoming especially evident in the midst of this pandemic. People can’t even keep these minor, temporary biosecurity measures (social distancing, washing hands)—but that’s built into your everyday life in poultry biosecurity! 



One of the biggest things people are concerned about right now is business—how is it going and what will happen in the future? 

I have to tell you—we’re doing well because food demand is going up, and you guys are rising to the challenge! 

Certain industries are taking a hit—but if you go to the grocery store anywhere in the U.S. right now, it’s hard to find meat on the shelves. Farming is arguably the most essential business in this pandemic second to healthcare—and not every person in the U.S. is going to need that...but everybody needs to eat! Picky buyers are changing their purchasing habits out of scarcity, and you are feeding America.

This stuff isn’t slowing you down. Y’all are some of the toughest people in the workforce. CARRY ON. Keep doing what you’re doing. YOU are having an impact. 


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