Debunking the "Organics" Stereotype

The fact that our products are organic is the very thing that can bring you and your birds from surviving to thriving in the ABF environment.

If the word "organic" makes you think “more expensive and less effective,” you're not alone. We know many poultry growers share this perspective. But, the fact that our products ARE organic is the very thing that can bring you and your birds from surviving to thriving in the ABF environment.




If you're reading this, you probably already know that "Organics" is a part of our company name—Southland Organics. But, you may not know that poultry farmers make up only one of four grower industries we serve here at Southland. In Turf, Crops and Wilderness Management, people are looking for organic solutions. They seek us out because we provide an answer to what their customers are demanding most. But, we've come to realize that most of y’all in commercial poultry aren't looking for “organic"—you're simply looking for products that WORK in the ABF environment, meaning they produce healthier birds to ultimately increase your profitability. Let's dive deeper into how our organic (and scientifically proven to be effective) products can help you achieve that goal by nature's design.

How to Thrive in the ABF Environment

The shift to ABF made it difficult for many poultry farms to survive, let alone be profitable. That’s because it changed the entire ecosystem of your houses. After decades of using antibiotics to fight off disease and nutrition problems, consumer demand drove the change in the industry to ABF. Then, you were left without the defenses you relied on.

But, here's some good news—and this is why organic products are helpful—birds were naturally designed with a full battalion of defense—good bacteria.  Our products come in and boost those natural defenses with more good bacteria and biologically active carbon, so your birds can stand against natural threats like clostridium and other harmful bacteria. Your farm can thrive without the use of antibiotics.

The products happen to be organic because they literally come from nature’s original design. Do organic farmers use them?? Of course! We meet the highest levels of certification so organic farmers can do so! BUT—for the everyday commercial farmer trying to survive in the ABF environment, they are the  (organic) boost your birds need to thrive—based on their natural design.

Consumers continue to demand higher standards, and that’s not going to change. Using our products supplies that demand, and in turn, makes the birds and eggs that come from your broiler or layer houses worth more in their minds AND wallets. But we know the consumer isn’t who you directly answer to—it’s your integrator.

Integrators and Certifications

Sometimes, integrators are hesitant to allow the use of our products because they don’t know much about them. Service techs and integrators may balk at our products saying they are not approved with the stringent ABF guidelines, but we go way above  any approval process necessary for even organic farms. Being Omri-listed for organic use, USDA certified, all natural, PCO Certified Organic and non-GMO, our products likely meet more ABF requirements than anything else in your chicken house! Our ultimate goal for everyone is to grow the best birds to achieve the highest profits—and that’s just what Litter Life and Big ole Bird can help you do.

So, if you’d like to try our products, but your integrator is unsure or resistant, let me know, and I can send over SDS sheets, approvals and certifications. We want to do everything we can to help you grow healthy birds and be more profitable while you do it.

If you need help getting approvals for our products in your house or simply would like to learn more, the Southland Organics team is here. Connect with me, Allen Reynolds, at 800-608-3755 or

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