Farming and the Gospel: From Georgia to Nicaragua

Sarah perfectly exemplifies core Southland values: Serve with purpose and lead the way. She's a missionary in Nicaragua who helps educate on the intersection of agriculture and the gospel.
farming and the gospel

In this video, Allen interviews Sarah on her work in Nicaragua and how she teaches the gospel through agriculture.




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About two years ago, Sarah was a farm intern at Southland Organics. She brought our greenhouse and fields to life. When she graduated from the University of Georgia in 2019, Sarah went to serve as a missionary in Nicaragua.

Since December 2021, we've been lucky enough to have Sarah back in the office. She's been improving our warehouse operations and preparing our garden, fields and greenhouse for the growing season. In late March, she'll be going back to Nicaragua.

We are so proud of Sarah and what she does to share the gospel though real-work agricultural skills. Southland Organics has been a sponsor of Sarah's mission for the past 2 years, and we're excited and honored to support her again as she returns to Nicaragua. If you're inspired by Sarah's mission, consider supporting her here.

About the Author

Izy Dobbins

Isabella (Izy) Dobbins

Marketing Manager

This was written by Isabella (Izy) Dobbins, Southland Organics' Marketing Manager. Izy has devoted her education and career to communicating science-related topics. With an enthusiasm for sharing accurate and honest content relating to science and agriculture, she ensures Southland Organics' publications are as informative as they are interesting. Izy graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor's degree in advertising, minors in both Spanish and environmental health science and a Certificate in Sustainability. She has been working at Southland Organics since 2021.

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Allen Reynolds

Poultry Sales Manager

This was edited by Allen Reynolds, Southland Organics’ Poultry Sales Manager. Allen spent years working on poultry farms, from installing equipment to dumping chicks. He has been helping poultry farmers overcome obstacles since 2014, focusing on poultry farm strength in the antibiotic-free environment since 2017. He has traveled thousands of miles and worked closely with hundreds of farmers during his time with Southland Organics. Allen is known by even more farmers from the YouTube channel Poultry Biosecurity, where he regularly appears in videos that educate farmers on topics like bird health and farm business.

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Allen Reynolds
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