Grower Spotlight: Growing Up on a Poultry Farm

We've done a few grower spotlights in the past that highlight a poultry farmer who shares his story. But what about the son of a grower, someone who grew up with his dad raising chickens?
interview with the son of a poultry farmer

This is Davis's story of growing up on a chicken farm.



Growing Up Poultry Farming

Like many kids growing up on poultry farms, Davis experienced late nights catching chickens and getting woken up at 1am to help unclog a feed bin even. Even on a school night!

As the only son on a family farm, he provided the main help to his father's chicken farming business.

Davis says his favorite part of poultry farmers' jobs is bringing in new chicks to chicken farms. He loves the excitement of seeing the hundreds of chicks in a new flock swarming the poultry houses.

chicken farmers families

Connecting Broiler Chickens and the FFA

In addition to growing up raising poultry, Davis the Alabama North District Secretary for Future Farmers of America (FFA). He says his background in the poultry industry has helped him connect and communicate with other youth who have a history or interest in agriculture.

Recently, Davis won an award- the Environmental and Natural Resource Management SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) Proficiency Award for the Alabama FFA. The subject of his application was an experiment with one of our products, Litter Life, on the floors of poultry houses.

As of this video's posting, Davis's project has achieved National Gold Level SAE in the Environmental Science Division of the FFA. We are so proud of him and the other amazing young members of the FFA who are building a brighter future for agriculture! We are also so thankful for organizations like FFA for their amazing efforts to instill the value of hard work and agriculture education in young people.

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