Grower Spotlight: Tiffany Hodges

by Allen Reynolds October 31, 2019

We spent some time with mom, wife, wedding venue owner, and poultry grower—Tiffany Hodges—in Guntersville, Alabama to hear about everything from family life on the farm to being a woman in the poultry industry. 




Juggling so many roles and responsibilities at once may seem like a lot, but Tiffany handles it with ease. "With anything, you truly have to enjoy what you do," she explained. Growing up in the city, she didn't have any farm experience before meeting her husband, Aubrey. But before she knew it, she found herself working in Aubrey's dad's chicken houses. "Shortly after that, we got engaged because I stuck around through all the chickens," she jokingly told us.

On their Guntersville farm, Tiffany, Aubrey, and their two sons live out the definition of "farm life." Poultry growing, row crop farming—it's a family operation, and that's one of the things they love about it.

As a woman in a male-dominated field, Tiffany advises other women in her position to "stand strong in what you believe in."

What great advice for not only women in the poultry industry, but for all of us to live out each and every day!


00:14 Tell us about being a mom, a wife, and a chicken farmer.

01:25 What has been the hardest part of being a woman in the poultry industry?

02:24 What is like life on the farm?

03:32 What types of equipment do you drive?


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Allen Reynolds
Allen Reynolds


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