Integrator Relations

by Allen Reynolds December 12, 2019

We hear regularly that grower-integrator relationships aren't always the easiest. As a farmer, you already have to struggle to have healthy, profitable flocks—the last thing you need is a rocky relationship with your integrator.

That’s why we want to share some tips on integrator relations from our friend and fellow poultry farmer, Jason Jackson.



Jason’s story of generosity and kindness is a good reminder, especially in this season of giving. You never know how a simple gesture might help develop trust with those you have to work with.

Remember, we want to do everything we can to help you grow healthy birds and be more profitable while you do it.

If you need help getting approvals for our products in your house or simply would like to learn more, the Southland Organics team is here. Connect with me, Allen Reynolds, at 800-608-3755 or

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Allen Reynolds
Allen Reynolds


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