Interview with Innovative Poultry Products: Finding a Better Way

Allen interviewed Chad Brubaker, president of Innovative Poultry Products LLC and inventor of the Poultry Hawk, on finding improvements for poultry farmers through innovation.
Innovative Poultry Products Interview



Finding A Better Way

Allen sat down with Chad Brubaker, president of Innovative Poultry Products, to talk about his products and how they help poultry farmers.

Innovative Poultry Products started on Chad's own poultry farm over 10 years ago. During an extremely hot summer, he had to deal with a lot of mortality. After hauling bird after bird from his poultry house, he started looking for a better way. When he couldn't find one, he decided to invent one himself. This invention became what we now know as the Poultry Hawk!

Many farmers today are aware of the Poultry Hawk. It's a rail system for poultry houses designed for handling mortality, but it can also handle anything you need to haul. From feed trays to tools, anything under 450 lbs. can be toted across your house by the Poultry Hawk. 

New Developments

Chad is currently working on an ejector bucket for low clearance in poultry houses. The prototype has been made, so keep an eye out for this new product! Also available is the Talon euthanizing system for humane killing of birds.

Chad is also trying to increase automation with the Poultry Hawk, with features like digital monitoring to make farmers' lives easier.

The folks at Innovative Poultry Products don't like to take "no" for an answer, and are constantly working to help improve the poultry industry with intuitive products for farmers. 


To find a dealer or get in touch with an Innovative Poultry Products representative, visit the Innovative Poultry Products website or call 803-571-3345

If you have any questions for Allen, you can email or call 800-608-3755

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