IPPE Interview with Ag Lighting Innovation

Learn more about how the AG 25 light fixture works and what it can do for your farm. 
Ag Lighting Innovation Cutting Edge Lighting for Poultry Houses

This January, we attended the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a huge expo that showcases all the latest tech in the poultry industry. 

At IPPE, Allen had the chance to interview Ag Lighting Innovation. This company makes high tech lighting solutions for poultry and swine farms that can really change your operation. Check out our video to learn more about how the AG 25 light fixture works and what it can do for your farm. 



Let's Talk Lighting

Stanton Lee of Ag Lighting Innovation talked to us about why the AG 25 light fixture is superior to other poultry house lighting options.

Uniform Coverage

The AG 25 light fixture from Ag Lighting Innovation offers broad light coverage. A normal light bulb covers 140 square feet, but the AG 25 fixture covers 350 square feet. That's over twice as much coverage! This helps birds find feed and water faster, helping with livability and weight gain. 

Energy Savings

If your farm is still in incandescent lighting, the AG 25 offers drastic savings. One farmer switched from high pressure sodiums to the AG 25 and his bill immediately decreased by $400 per month.


The AG 25 fixture is also very versatile. It can be dimmed more than other lighting options, is waterproof and is flat. It's about one inch tall with a six inch disc, and mounts directly to the box. That means you won't hit your head or ladder on your lighting over and over.

Why is Ag Lighting Innovation Different?

The biggest difference between Ag Lighting Innovation and other lighting options is that their AG 25 is a fixture, not a bulb.

Bulbs are not designed to hold heat. The flat design of the AG 25 prevents the bulbs from overheating. It does this because all the components are stored in the center and the LEDs form a circle around them. 

While bulbs normally lose 15% brightness per year, the AG 25 fixture only loses 2% brightness per year. It can also last up to 10 years with its 50,000 hour life span, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Growers or equipment suppliers can install the AG 25 quickly and seamlessly. There's no need to add new outlets. In fact, you'll have half as many lights with the AG 25. They're installed approximately every 20 feet, and eliminate the need for brood lights.

Contact Ag Lighting Innovation

Ag Lighting Innovation is on spec for several integrators and is sold through a distributor network. If you're interested in investing in AG 25 fixtures, visit the Ag Lighting Innovation website. You can call their office at 615-378-0108, email them at sales@poultrylights.com or ask for the AG 25 with your equipment provider.

 If you have any questions about Southland Organics or our Poultry Biosecurity channel, reach out to Allen Reynolds at allen@southlandorganics.com or 800-608-3755.

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