New Year. New Decade. Wishes for a Happy 2020!

by Allen Reynolds December 30, 2019

No matter what 2019 had for you, we want to affirm that the work you do matters.

THANK YOU for the tireless hours you work, the sacrifices you make and the uphill battle you fight to put food on America's tables. We are better for it. 




As a poultry farmer, you do some of the hardest work there is. It’s often a thankless job with endless hours and what can seem like little reward.

Consumers have driven you to change the way you do your job, and they don’t appreciate what it costs you to survive in the ABF environment.

We know your struggle—and we just want to take a minute to say we appreciate you. We need you. Not only us, but the people who don’t appreciate you need you.

The hurdles you jump daily to grow healthy birds are exhausting, that’s why my best days in this job are the ones when I get calls from y’all saying “I just finished number one” or “I can’t believe it, the necrotic enteritis is gone from this flock! It’s the first time in a year!”

These wins can feel like huge victories because of the challenges you face. Greater still is the reward a poultry farmer gets from being in the country, watching the sunrise, being home and savoring the most important things in life.

I love working with farmers like you. Poultry growers are salt of the earth kinda people. In a world that is always in a hurry, obsessed with appearance and what everybody else thinks, y’all stay rooted in what matters most—God, family, work and rest.

As we begin a new year—and a new decade—we want to take a minute to encourage you. Maybe this year was great, or maybe this year was the toughest one yet. No matter what 2019 had for you, keep up the good fight.

Remember that every day brings new blessings and opportunities to do good work. You are not alone. Me and the Southland team are here to help in any way we can. We hope God prospers you in 2020.


Allen Reynolds
Allen Reynolds


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