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We had the pleasure of talking to Jason Jackson, our friend and poultry farmer in Alabama, about LED lighting in poultry houses. Jason is a big fan of LED bulbs- his farm runs on about 1,200 of them!
LED bulbs in poultry houses

Check out the video below to get a glimpse inside Jason's poultry house and learn why LED poultry lighting improves his operation.

Benefits of LED Bulbs for Poultry Farms

LED light fixtures are great for poultry farms for three main reasons: energy efficiency, bulb longevity and drop lighting quality. They're overall a much better poultry lighting choice than incandescent bulbs, which are much more expensive in the long run!

Is your poultry lighting efficient?

poultry house lighting

LED stands for "light emitting diode." LED lighting is the most energy efficient light source farmers can use in poultry production. LED bulbs typically use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and a led bulb can last up to 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb. The efficiency of LED lights is the main benefit of this type of poultry lighting.

Jason Jackson says that the electric bill savings of LED bulbs is absolutely his #1 reason for switching to all LED lighting. He says that using LED technology for poultry lighting has a certain return on investment through reducing electricity costs. LED bulbs always pay for themselves, but the time it takes for them to return on investment depends on the size of the farm and the cost of an LED bulb where you live. Some LED lighting pays for itself in as little as a year!

The savings poultry producers make with LEDs can really add up. There are plenty of things that are out of your control on your farm, like the feed and birds you're given. But you can control your lighting systems! By making them efficient, you can significantly lower lighting costs and thus the overall operating costs of your farm.

LED Bulbs Last Longer

LED poultry lighting

According to Jason, the second most important benefit of ditching fluorescent bulbs for LEDs is the long life of LEDs. They can last much longer than even compact fluorescent bulbs. Jason Jackson switched to LED lights about 7 years ago and has only had to replace a few bulbs!

Out of 1,200 LED bulbs, he's only had to replace about 20-30 LEDs. Some of his lights, like his porch lights, stay on constantly. They've been on for 7 years and are still bright!

In the poultry industry, your farm is likely subject to lighting tests. Jason's chicken house environment gets lighting tests twice a year, and he says he always passes with flying colors.

LED Poultry Lighting for Drop Lighting Systems

One of Jason's favorite uses for LED lights on his farm is his drop lighting systems. He uses LED strip lights in his feed pans. These are inexpensive and can be purchased online and spread light nicely all around the pan. This way, birds can always see their feed well and a good feed conversion can be supported around the clock.

Jason says the LED strip lights are waterproof and extremely durable, and his birds haven't tried to mess with them or peck at them.

LED Technology and Light Meters

improve feed conversion with lights

Jason recommends getting a light meter to check light intensity, especially by the feed pan. Light meters are only about $20 and help you know how much light is reaching different areas of your poultry house.

If you're in the poultry industry, you are likely aware that the amount of light a chicken gets can have a significant impact on feed conversion, egg production, weight gain and reproductive cycles. Using a light meter with your LED poultry lighting can help you ensure your birds are getting the optimal amount of light intensity for their stage of grow out.

Whether you grow chickens for egg production or meat, making the switch to LED lights can save you money and help you control your lighting for optimal poultry growth.

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